Nikon d3100 to d7000 - good move?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by retread2, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. I'm on the verge of upgrading my Nikon D3100 to a D7000. I am an amateur but enthusiastic photographer who will have a go at anything (sports, portraits, landscapes, etc etc). I'm across the technical differences and can't see me ever needing anything beyond a D7000. I'm also aware that the D7100 is emerging, but can't see any benefit for me for what it brings beyond the D7000.

    So for those of you who know what you are talking about, is this a good move?
  2. I looked into the D7000 when I was looking to buy a DSLR. And to be honest, I think it is a quality camera. In the end, I went with Canon, but only as I like that it was a metal body, and I have access to l-series lenses. Given that you will already have some lenses, I don't think you can go wrong. I don't know a lot about it all, but I did a fair amount of research, and it's a good enough camera that a lot of professionals are willing to use it as a backup camera, which says an awful lot in my eyes.
  3. The new model seems to have a slightly faster processor and eight more megapixels - noise is more important than mp, unless you're making massive prints. I doubt there's enough of a difference to justify another £400.

    People speak very highly of the 7000.
  4. I have a D7000 and its great. I also have a D3100 as a backup. D7000 is definitely worth the upgrade...


    Wait for the D7100. I assure you the 51 point focusing is a VAST improvement over the D7000's 37 point. That alone will make it worthwhile. I am looking under ever rock I see to try and scrape enough dosh to enable me to upgrade.
  5. Just added to my last. I did haave a D300, which was the best camera I've ever had. However, I needed better low ISO performance, and I like the Expeed image processor outputs from new Nikon, so I moved (not upgraded) to the D3100/D7000. As I said, I love my D7000, but the focusing is not as surefooted as I had with the D300, and the D7100 will share the same focusing unit with the D300.

    So again I would suggest you wait. The only downside will be having to wait until next month - the two units will cost the same.
  6. So the question would appear to be: buy a late-model D7000 now or a new-model (wrinkles not ironed out) D7100 later.

    Bigpod - I am interested that you reckon the two models will cost the same. At the moment I can get a D7000 for quite a saving over the (buy it now, delivered when available) D7100.

    The thing is, I don't have to upgrade from the D3100 but I have funds available now and if I put it off something else will crop up and claim the money.

    The Nikon Rumors Forum (Recent Discussions on Nikon Rumors Forum) seems to have Nikon fans evenly split between sticking to a tried and trusted D7000 and getting a new Mk 1 D7100.

    Regardless, appreciate the comments and advice.
  7. I completely understand the problem of money burning a hole in your pocket, and I would reiterate how good the D7000 is - you will love it - much better than the D3100.

    All I will say (again) is the focusing of the 51 point unit is an order of magnitude better than the D7000 unit. Personally, I'll risk the "Mk 1" issues just to know I have that in my armoury.

    Happy snapping whichever way you go.