Nikko Stirling

Looking for a cheapo scope (which will last) for my shiny new .17hmr and saw a new Nikko Stirling Mountmaster AO in gunmart for £80.

Anyone used one? Are they sh**e or will they suffice for .17 which will be used for rattling bunnies and frequently thrown in motor with relative care!!

Also, if anyone knows where to get a sunshade for a Swarovski 3-12x50 and price can you let us know.

Thanks in advance :wink:


Book Reviewer
I'll echo that - they are great for the money. Cheap, with reasonable glass, and quite often, lots of features.

I sell a lot more of these than I do equivalents like Hawke etc., and I haven't had any back with problems.
Will be parting with £80 of my hard earned cash then, cheers for the advice.

Incidentally got a sunshade for the sum total of feck all after speaking to my local RFD dealer who had 'an old one kicking about I could have'. Just goes to show that occasionally you can be a valued customer!!! :D

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