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just bought a pair of nike + trainers and ipod attachment , is anyone else from arrse used this bit of kit , used it tonight for a run and think its the dogs dangiling bits tells you nearly everything , if anyone else has any feedback please post good or bad .

cheers kc
about 30 quid for the sensor
and the trainers start at 60

if ya know anyone going to the states you,ll pay half the price

check out
You do know you could of bought an attachment to fit the sensor thing onto a normal pair of trainers, without having to fork out for the nike trainers?
yeah , was in the us and both where cheappp . it,s a wee thing that straps on to your laces isn,t it ?
Yeah it just loops onto your laces and is secured by velcro. Cost about £1.50 I think. Then obviously add the price of the sensor on top of that.
only one thing do ya know if it affects the accuracy or do you just re calibrate it ?
did you calibrate yours ?
if so in what way ?
No don't think so. Just got it going then got running. Of course this probably means the readings it gives are all false and i'm not actually the speedy gonzales i thought i was.

sew a piece of velcro to the tongue of the trainer (I put mine down under the first lace holes) and then put the opposite bit of velcro on the Nike+ dongle. I've had mine on for 4 months and it's survived mud, water, sand, the works. Dogs danglies indeed.
Only works with Nano, I'm led to believe.

For those asking about REALLY need to calibrate it before using it. What my wife and I thought was 1.2km (thanks to the sensor) was actually 1.9 (according to my GPS).
nomad , have you tried calibrating it over a set distance ?
Well i cant use it i only have a Ipod 30gb :(

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