Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by supermark500, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. As my mp3 player got dropped and isn't working properly any more I am considering getting an ipod nano so i can use the Nike+ facility as I always run in Nike shoes. Does anyone else use it? If so what are your opinions on it? Is it actually any use or just a bit of a gimick?
  2. I have one,its a good tool for telling you your distance and its not a bad motivational tool, but thats about it!
  3. I used it for a while with the watch rather than iPod. Works well helpls keep track of your fitness improvements. A lot of the features are gimmicky and I hear that the distances measured are not too accurate. But it has always worked for me and because I can actually see how much I'm running and calories burnt etc. Was a good motivator. Lost my watch when I moved house though. Grrr
  4. Used it a great deal when I first started running and it was a great motivator. I still use it and the accuracy is pretty good but I also use a Polar heart rate monitor & watch as well now to get a better idea of my actual fitness levels. Would I reccommend buying one?

    a) If you are just looking for a motivational tool to get you off your arrse and not too worried about the more technical side of fitness and running and already have an Ipod then, yes. definately
    b) If you want to get serious about running and be able to use other features/ have a bigger budget/ similar budget to a complete Ipod package, then I would look into some other options. I use the Polar RS200SD and have done so for about a year now however; being a bit of a gadget freak I am now looking at getting a GPS enabled system with HR monitor such as another Polar or a Garmin system.

    Hope that helps :)

    Edited once for spelling :oops:
  5. PS. You don't need Nike shoes to use the Nike+ system. There are plenty of little 'pods' you can buy that just attach to your normal running shoes or issue boots :)
  6. I have used a Nike+ since Christmas 08 and found it to be an excellent motivator. At only £15, it was a real bargain and so far I have clocked up just over 500km. I am not a big fan, however, of the Nike+ trainers as I usually wear Asics (my last pair were Asics Nimbus IX, which were great and I currently have a pair of Nike Pegasus 25s). The grip on the Nike trainers started to come loose after about 300km and, although they are still fairing well, I wouldn't necessarily say they have been 'ragged' as I only use them for running.
    Still, the Nike+ system gets the thumbs up from me.