Nike or asics ?

Asics for me. Got big wide feet. I reckon they're more runny and less commercially too.
I've got a pair of both. I find the Nike Air (Pegasus) offer me more heel support than the Asics, which are gel filled. Like most things, it's up to the individual and what's right for one person isn't right for another.
Comparing nike with asics is like comparing a pimped up vauxhall astra with a Ferrari.

Ones built for coons to run about in, the other ones built for racing.
Got Air Pegasus myself just coming to the end of their life 1500 km I would get another pair but can't decide between l nikel unar series or changing brands altogether.
A better suggestion for you, is to start keeping a record of all your runs usually called a runners log (awaits sniggers)

Depending on your weight, and of course your running style, a pair of shoes can be destroyed after a few hundred miles.

If you are bionic and run light, on your toes almost, you are not creating any heel strike which is usually the part of the shoe to compress with repetitive pounding (from running).

Replacing your shoes after a given mileage is a sensible approach to looking after your feet.
Asics, when i bought proper running shoes after a visit to a video your running joint, the first pair were saucony hurricaine 7. They were ok but a million times better than the Nike piece of crap i was using before with totally collapsed heels.

After a while i went for a repeat visit and bought asics and have had em ever since.


Asics for me, I've tried other brands like NB, Mizuno and Saucony but I've always ended up coming back to Asics, however as others have said it's all down to personal preference. The only way to choose a good pair of trainers is to get out and try on lots of different brands/models and even then you might not get the "perfect" trainer for you on your first couple of pairs*.

*Edit - By this I mean you might end up getting a pair that feel good but find out after you've got some miles out of them that they don't work for you, finding the perfect trainer can take a bit of money depending how willing you are to run in trainers that just aren't quite right.

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