Nike + iPod Sensor, any feedback from users

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by viceroy, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. Just discovered this app on my new phone and understand that it only works with Nike+ shoes. I think it might give me the extra kick up the arrse in the morning and the benefit of some long term evolution data if the software holds its promises.

    Anyone used this, any comments? Does it not work with other shoes, given that there are additional sensors available? How much do the soes cost approx?

    Nike + iPod Sensor - Apple Store (U.K.)

    Nike Running - Home

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  2. It's a fun little gadget and you can pair it up with, I think, which allows you to log your runs and compete with your mates. Really good fun, but not hugely hugely accurate, but enough - certainly good enough to act as a training log and give you a rough idea, but I compared it against a garmin and there were slight differences is speed and distance logged.

    Also, you don't need the shoes, you can buy a little wallet that attaches to your laces. Otherwise you might be looking at anywhere from £40-80 just for the shoes. Finally, I went for a run with a mate and he used the proper shoes..the use of the wallet in comparison came out the same in terms of accuracy. It's a pedometer, so it's worth your while calibrating it properly.

    The Shoe Pouch: Electronics & Photo