Nike+ for iPod Nano 3G - Calibration hassle

Does anyone else have this system? I had it bought for me this xmas and am keen to use it but so far I've noticed it's about as accurate as p!sshead armed with a blunderbuss.

It's about a kilometer out on my 7.5k running route and claims I'm running at a pace that'd put Haile Gebrselassie under pressure.

The manual claims you can calibrate it post run if you know the distance ran (which I do, almost to the meter) but I can't find the menu that allows you to do this, despite following the pam.

Also the other way where you run 400mtrs doesn't seem to do anything.

Any ideas?
Mine has been pretty accurate, I spose it might depend on your stride, I've got a 2G nano but it shouldnt make much difference - it seems to calibrate ok when I need it to....

Maybe you're doing something in a different order?

This is the way I did it using the 400m distance:

1. Go to start of run.

2. on iPod go to Nike+Ipod->Settings->Sensor->Calibrate->Press Center button->Run->400 Meters.

N.B. At this point you can also select Custom instead of 400m and set the distance to calibrate BEFORE you run - there isn't a way to do it after afaik (the sportband does it after - but not the iPod)

3. Select playlist or no music

4. Press center button to begin.

5. Run distance

6. End workout on iPod.

Go back thru the menus to "calibrate" - and it should now say Calibrated next to run.
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