Nijmegen Marches

OK - A search of recent DCIs has thrown up the following:

DCI JS (That's the purple Joint Services one, for those that colour by numbers :wink: )

Number 152/04. Issued on 10 Dec 04.


A very very long march somewhere near, errr, Nijmegen! Loads of folkses have done it in the past - anyone out there with any tales to tell?

The closing date for entries to the 2005 march is 28 Mar 05. There are places for both unit and individual entries. More details contained in the DCI, availabale from your admin wallahs.
Did the march mid 90's make sure your boots are well broken in,and get some tab'in done beforehand it's worth the effort as we were steaming every night,the locals were good and line most of the route and it's good to see the yanks in shit state by the 3rd day. :!: they don't like it up 'em :D
Enjoy the beer and women.
Make sure your boots fit and are comfortable for a good days walk not tab.
After day 2 I got a heat rash on my legs, I wasnt the only one so perhaps you should take with you some creams for this.
Routes, just follow the crowd.

I did it twice in the 80's. I only did it the second time because I'd forgotten how much it had hurt the first time!!
The 'Blister Ball' on the last day is fanstastic, as is the atmosphere in The Zoo (the bar on Humensoord Camp), so called because it is full of animals.
Oh yeah!! I almost forgot. Ensure you have a good medic on the team with plenty of tape, tinc benz and vasoline (for when your thighs begin to rub, especially if it's a hot one)
I did it way back when Army first started. It is not hard - I was a fat warrant oficer (they were allowed in those days). The main wear and tear on the march is feet - loads were pretty well what you wished in those days. I used to wear liner socks and socks and socks heavy wool. Changed to liners and two pairs woollen. Wear and tear at night - that's up to you and I'm sure you do not need advice on that topic!
Do it - it was a laugh. Doubtless rivalry has now crept in and walk at ease has changed a bit.
Did it few times in the Cadets and OTC. It's a good laugh, especially the huge beer tent at the end of the day!

As all before have said, make sure you've got a good pair of well broken in boots, socks that don't have any nasty seams (you'd be amazed what starts to rub after about a 100k) and lots of vaseline for the ring-sting!!!

Other useful things are a Camelback/Platipus drinking system (saves rumaging for water bottles), elecrolyte powder (sold as "Dioralyte") in case any team members start to dehydrate and song book with as many offensive marching songs as possible!!! Also, Jock Reg's, if you can press gang a willing piper you'll go down well with the locals :D

One final thing, don't do what one of our lads did and make up his 10kg marching weight from flour wrapped up in poly bags and lots of black nasty, as it can be interesting trying to explain to HM customs why you have 10Kgs of white powder in your daysack :lol:
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