Nijmegen Marches and Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Padre, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. I've been asked if I am up for this and having said 'yes' wonder of anyone can point me in the right direction insofar as getting the best boots for this.

    I know that this is probably a subjective topic but I want to spend cash once rather than have a couple of goes and want to still be able to walk and want to keep wearing them after the event so any advice would be most welcome.

    Easy 'Breaking in' is another question as the issue boots are O.K. once worn in but wouldn't fancy putting any great distance on them.


  2. Padre,

    I love my Lowas, but I really wouldn't recommend them for Nij, as the Achilles problems they can cause is too worrying. Basically, I'd go for as light as you can - there's no point in lifting extra weight for 160km - and try and keep the probability of heat build-up down. I'm sure others will point you in more of the right direction, but I'll see you there. And it really is worth the pain... 8O

  3. I have done it 7 times and have done the Deathmarch in August, and would recommend magnums for the weight. However, as you mentioned, these will not last much longer than the march if you include training. Issued boots are fine if you put lambswool insoles in them...once you have worn them in and gone through the soles just get them re-soled. Have used this approach my last 5 goes.
    And there really are hills!
  4. ... and the exit from the last mil rest point on day 3 has to be an example of Dutch 'humour'...
  5. Well Padre,
    Having completed the Nijmegan Marches, i can highly recommend SCARPA attak boots by BERGHAUS, they come in brown but just get a pot of leather dye and your away, just try any good cobblers / shoe repair shops eg Timpsons..also Altberg, matterhorn, Danner arcadia, are all good boots just be aware of if you go with boots that are Goretex lined your feet will sweat and cook in your boots, and they'll take an age to dry out etc. Just go with whats good for you, but there no substitute for paying a little extra for piece of mind and a bloody good pair of boots to last an age. :lol:
  6. P.S If i remember rightly the bloody Bike Orderly got a better looking medal than us Marchers!!!!! and yep there are hill in Holland. :twisted:
  7. I did the marches a couple of years back, wearing issue Boots, Combat Highleg. I had fewer blisters than a lot of blokes wearing expensive Lowa, Berghaus etc. because I prepared well.
    It doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you prepare well and know where to tape. The only way to do that is get some long marches in during the prep phases.
  8. I did it 3 times back in the late 70's early 80's. Apart from rigorous preperation training I would recomend bathing your feet by applying surgical spirit with cotton wool perhaps 3 or 4 times a week starting now ready for July.

    Might sound a bit odd but it does the trick hardening your feet up. First year I did the march I didnt bother and suffered blisters. I went to see the medical orderly where he injected that god awful black stuff and he suggested this this routine if I was ever to return. I followed the advice and never had any further problems.

    Did anyone do the Val de Marne march in Paris?. Although only one day I found this harder than any day of the Nijmegan.
  9. Altberg do a set of lightweight boots (but the name escapes me), as do Lowa. If you want to look like a complete tart you could get some Adidas GSG9's.
  10. I was told it was iodine which is actually dark yellow. Through the haze of pain I remember Nijmegen. I did it but it hurt like hell four days in a row and I am certain that I will not attempt anything like that again!

    I found the medals in my toolbox the other day. I have no idea why they have migrated there! And they still look better than the Telic medal!!!!

  11. If you walk in the boots you've been preparing for the march in you shouldn't have to ask this. Sounds like you are unprepared for it so don't bother. Piss in them, use linseed oil, but the best treatment of all is to go f*cking walking in them you tart!!!!
  12. batfink2 has the right idea, look at the Lowa Seeker boot (non-goretex) or Adidas Ger Ess Ger Neun boots (GSG9 to non-deutshe sprechers), as sold in the Arrse shop (no I'm not on commission ... ?!), or the Altberg jungle microlite or Sneeker boots. Whatever you get, buy some 'Conformable' insoles for them (about £20 but will save you getting arthritis before your forties).

    None of these need breaking in and will be like walking in trainers, except unlike trainers you will get the correct foot/ankle support which is vital when carrying weight (how heavy is the kit you have to carry ?).

    Although I did the Veerendagse (or whatever) marches long ago now and I've blanked out the worst bits ... isn't it just a big urine-up in a big marqee somewhere near Arnhem ... ? :? There might have been a hundred miles to walk as well at some point ...
  13. Another Top Tip: take eight pairs of black sports socks from M&S with you, fresh ones for every morning, change them for fresh ones every lunchtime and bin the wet ones if you can't be arrsed carrying them.
  14. Geezer would have had the blister drained and then Tinc-Benz injected into the gap where the fluid had just been drained from, thus glueing the skin back together. When I did Nijmegen, a medic followed me as I limped from the beer tent back to the accommodation tent, offered to 'help' and 'assisted' me in this manner ... I have used the same method several times in the UK, although it's not approved any more.

    I wouldn't use anything to 'harden' the feet, just keep them clean and dry every night and tape them up (with Zinc Oxide tape) if you are prone to blisters. If you go for the Zinc Oxide option, get a medic to do it correctly on D -1 and leave it on throughout the event.
  15. the yank medics are less painful than the RAMC lot less screams coming from there tent :lol:
    some training might be an idea first my team did an 8 mile run on the tuesday before :roll: