Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by vespa, Aug 16, 2003.

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  1. hello i've trying to find out the nijmegen march , dates in 2004 , tips and kit advice etc

    i understand you also get a medal for this , can you wear this offcially on your No2s ?

    anybody got a link ?
    many thanks
  2. This is the Official website for the march.

    A Google search - 'Nijmegen march' will also provide you with first hand accounts from different units worldwide.
    If no one else comes up with some first hand info for you I know a couple of Dutch lads who've been on this 'stroll' so I can ask them for you if there's anything further you'd like to know.
  3. Trained for this march many years ago but had to drop out, it was a unit thing and dress was battle order, don't know what the modern army call it now. Medal awarded was not worn on No 2's.
  4. thanks blonde, the website seems useful , suprised about the medal part in the picture it doesn't look like a chocolate medal i beleive its classed as a military decoration in the Dutch army and worn as such, shame we can't wear it officially on No2s or similar dress uniform in other services, is there a british equivilant of the Nijmegen march in the UK ?
  5. Why on earth, unless you're Geordie Ryan, would one associate a medal with a long walk?! :roll:

    (edited to semi-retract the above....if medals help motivate and reward and encourage..then who am I to..... :oops:)

    The annual event lads all seem to enjoy over here is the Cambrian Patrol :D
  6. been doing some research found that there is a march endorsed by the Internationl Marching league which nijmegen founded , its in wellingborough near northhampton , worth going to get some practice in :lol:
  7. Blonebint, why retract? Why would anyone want to wear a medal on his or her No2s for going on a march? Next it will be wearing the London marathon medal or cycling proficiency test medal, etc, etc, blah. And then it will turn into something like the yanks, wearing ribbons and medals for crossing the Atlantic and for picking your nose.
  8. Good reply Gunny, we don't want to go down the same road as the Yanks
  9. Don't we?
  10. i only asked the question because in the Dutch army its a recognised miltary decoration and i wondered if that can be applied here but its seems that it a no .

    of course i wouldn't want to be a yank :roll:
  11. i only asked the question because in the Dutch army its a recognised miltary decoration and i wondered if that can be applied here but its seems that it a no .

    of course i wouldn't want to be a yank :roll:
  12. The Guy you want is called Jim, he works at HQ ATG (A) at Wilton.
  13. Yer no wearing yer medals Cap'n Mannering........sorry...vespa
    Do the march and put the medal in a dusty draw like the rest of us!

  14. thanks for the tip anyway boardman
    , had to ask , if you don't ask you don't know ,

    makes you wonder whats the point of spending cash on chocolate medals on UN or NATO services if you can't wear them also the Kuwaiti gulf medal first time around couldn't be worn either ,
    bit silly really as an achievement is an achievment if it valid and recognised by a country it should have the same value here especially if you represent the UK
  15. Hi Vespa,

    The 2004 4-days march starts on Tuesday 20th July, it's almost always on the 3rd tuesday of July.

    I did the marches in 2001 & 2002, and these are my tips.

    1. Go in a big group, coz otherwise after the first 4 hours you get pretty bored of the person walking next to you. (and Holland unfortunately doesn't have the most thrilling landscape in the world for you to look at.)

    2. Take a song book or Walkman to combat boredom.

    3. Dress up as something stupid and do it for charity. A. Because it’s a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause and B. coz then people will definitely talk to you, which relieves boredom.

    4. Buy some Gehwol creme, I don't know where you get it in the UK but you'll find it in every pharmacist in Holland. This makes the skin on your feet more flexible and less likely to blister.

    5. Don't let your feet get wet, if they get sweaty change your socks and put lots of foot powder in, the stuff the acts as an antiperspirant is best.

    6. Don't use compead, just get lots of zinc oxide tape. If you get a blister then tape it. The way to do this is by putting a piece of tape above the blister and make the tape quite long, about 10cm or round as much of the foot as possible. Then put the next bit slightly lower but still covering half of the first piece. Then the next piece again covering half of the piece before. Carry on until you have covered the whole blister and gone down below it. This method has three advantages, firstly like compead it stops the rubbing directly onto the skin, and secondly unlike compead it spreads the pressure to the rest of the heel and not just that one spot. Thirdly it is also slightly more breathable than compead so your feet do not go as soft under it. This is the method that the Nijmegen 4 days first aid posts use and it works!

    7. Employ a team masseur to massage your legs each evening.

    8. Be very careful about drinking alcohol after a days walking as it can really screw you up for the next day. Also people have died from drinking alcohol after already being dehydrated. Most are young men who think they can handle it.

    9. Save your strength for the last night, coz its a great night out.

    I hope this helps