Nigs nights out from Bovi.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by bloodgroup_o+, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Alrite all, merry xmas, happy new year, gd shagn and all that. Thought I'd ask some experienced warriors from back in the day where their best nights out were whilst at bov. Poole, Bournemouth or that clap infested place weymouth?
  2. swanage..
  3. stop at scot arms on route langton maltravers then swanage..its normally untouched by squaddies,,,
  4. Poole on a saturday night, Jolly Miller, then the Jolly Sailor on the Quay, Corkers wine bar after that. The two years spent as RAC Centre Regiment were just brill. Now it's not me out in Poole on a saturday night, it's my son & daughter!!. I'll stick with Horlicks and an early night. if I had a Tardis though I'd be at Bovington in 1983/84 "and" have the benefit of hindsight!!
  5. from expierence the last couple of years on off at bovi i would say start at clouds hill then go to bourmouth and enjoy wensday night is student night as well.
  6. DON'T EVER GO TO HARRY'S! Some other good places in Weymouth though. Can't remember the names, JUST DON'T GO TO HARRYS!
  7. I'll second that.
  8. It has to be Bournemouth - it's full of students all year round, wall to wall pussy heaven, Elements, Bar So, DNA, Opera House, they're gagging for it - even a 9/12 L could get laid in Bournemouth (ok, it would be with a ginger minger, but a shags a shag!).
  9. <sits down on bank>

    Nice cast ;)
  10. [​IMG]

    Gwaan... I dare ya...

  11. You can't beat a bit of Dorothy's!!!![​IMG]

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  12. No no no. A night in beats Dorothys unless you like old birds.
  13. Do not go to Banus or B-Anus on a wedensday night as its strictly only for Jimmy Somerville or Elton John fans!! If you get my drift!
  14. Fcuking hell it looks mahussive when your p*ssed, no wonder I manage to bounce off so many walls. Dont they have school desks in the downstairs bit for all the under age drinkers and sh*te drud music upstairs.
  15. you have to be brave or desperate to go to harrys