Nights out in Sydney Melbourne

Me and my mate are getting back from Afghan and are heading down to Oz for 3 weeks are spending 5 days in Sydney and 2 weeks in Melbourne and we just want to find out where are the best places to go when we are there


Never been myself but I believe "The Exchange" on Oxford St. is where it's at these days in central Sydney. Any cabbie will know it.
Get yourself up to Kings Cross in Sydney. Its worth staying there as the hostels are cheap and its good way to meet people (Read Canadian students). Lively bars all around and if it takes your fancy some dubious quality strip clubs and brothels.

At the other end of the scale you can pop down to Darling harbour, nice(ish) bars by the water but very expensive even just for a scooner let alone a pint! Theres a night club there but cant remember what its called, its okay if you like industrial techno (I'm sure it was a bad night). There is another pub/club called Chinese laundry that gets pretty packed and thats not to far from Darling harbour either.

There are some German theme pubs around by the Rocks (Near the harbour bridge) if you fancy that.

Bondi beach has a few lively spots by it as well but can't remember my time there to well. Ditto for Manly but locals recommend it.

Melly was a blur of VB and shorts but its a compact city. The Casino is worth a blast as it has everything on tap. Tart, beer, gambling and a questionable nightclub. My only advise there would be never pay for a tram, your British and they are therefore free!
Ivy Bar in George St, Sydney is something else. Great night club and even has a swimming pool complete with women in bikinis....not sure about in the winter months though....

I'd recommend Manly for early evening before getting the ferry in to the city. The Manly Wharf hotel is nice. I'm personally not a fan of Bondi and think Manly beach is far nicer, but it is more lively than Manly and much closer to the action on Oxford St.

Wherever you go, you will have a ball.


Sydney , Coogee bay hotel in Coogee (next bay along from Bondi) always good for brits on the beer and if you can't pull there you should retire your wee men.

Whilst in melbourne check out the elephant and wheelbarrow on fitzroy street in st kilda .Top night out Thurs-sun

Top thing to check out in melbourne for any serviceman is "the shrine of rememberance "open all day every day till about 4pmish its at the end of st kilda road near the city centre opposite melbourne grammar school and on 2 different tram routes at least .
very humbling and I have never seen anything to top it of it's nature anywhere.

PM me for any other places to go I used to live/work in melbourne

Enjoy yourselves

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