What was the name of the pub where the travellers usually went?
As you went into town it was on a road off to the left of the main shopping street and up there about 150 metres on the left.

Mind you things may have changed allot, as I refer back to the dim and distant past, between 69 and 70 in 50 FIELD Sqn "Hasletts Hoardes"

Anyway this pub, when the travelers were in, it came up on orders to stay away, Oops sorry, so two of us walked in, it went quiet, we walked up to the bar and odered two pints. The landlord stood fixed to the spot, then a chap who found out later to be the head of the family, walked over and saaid "You two have allot of brass Ba**s walking in here, so you will drink for free, as long as you can keep up"!! Some bloody good night that was!!
Bloody hell IOW, I can't remember that, years of alcohol abuse have affected my long term memory, and short term memory, and long term memory! :)
Ahh Weymouth, my home town (or was at any rate): BlackDog, Golden Lion and of course the steering wheel/ Harry's. Apparently the town is shite and full of chavs these days though
The Duke of............? Now that does ring a bell, lets face it, it was over 35 years ago and too much amber nectar has flown down ones gullit!

Could it be "Marlborough"?
Picture the scene, a whole troop standing upright by virtue of leaning on each other, why didn't you just go and kip on the cam nets like everyone else?
And the one opposite 61 Plant Yard, the one on the corner, close to a Bokkies?

I hooked up with a lassies there and I choose my words carefully, we went to her home on the London Road, when we got back to the bus stop, she hitched up on the barrier and the Milkman gave us both a wave and a rye smile as he drove past at 4:50 am that morning

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