Nightmare waiting to happen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Soldier_Why, Jun 1, 2003.

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  1. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

  2. really is time to kick that c*nt out isn't it?.... :mad:
  3. "We kill who we are told to. I shoot them or cut them. I can kill an old man, a woman, a child and even a white person." Quote from newspaper

    If a child soldier presents himself think figure 12 and not assh#le with a gun is just as dangerous.

    I actually applaud the decision that we help in the Congo where civilians are being butchered and oil is not the gain...far more humanitarian than Iraq.

    If only the UN would help these people more often and when they do, do not sit on the sidelines watching the bastard’s swing their machetes like ineffectual bloated political bastards.

  4. "a 1400-strong French-led multinational peace- keeping force to go to Congo on Friday."
        so the surrender monkey`s can send 1400 soldiers to fight children, but any real army faces them and they turn and run! :mad:
  5. Sorry, I'm going to have to back the French here. These are "Children" but only in so far that they are of that age range. These are cold blooded born to kill evil little bastards. Midget murderers if you will, and the French and Belgians know, if you hesitate to engage, because you've taken your western values and ideals onto the battlefield there, you are dead. As evidenced by the Belgian Paratroop half platoon in Kigali back in 94.If anyone has any doubts , just look up child soldiers + atrocities in Google.

    Eagle, Of course he's going to commit us to this. He's building bridges with Europe, and that includes the French, so we will no doubt lift a battalion there.

    Africa has a history of child soldiers, indoctrinated and brainwashed from a very early stage. Some of the worst atrocites, are commited by children. They were in Uganda, in the Congo and certainly in Rwanda, where the RPA 12-14 year old scumbags had to be seen to be believed. Hyped up on rhetoric, and Bhang, and taught they were invincible.

    I remember being stopped at an RPA (Rwandan psychoytic Patriotic Army checkpoint outside the Mille Collines hotel in Kigali, by 2 kids, one with an AK, the other with a Bren Gun FFS. Both with Pink eyes from chewing drugs . "You give me one dollar" "Errrrr is one dollar enough mate?" They are literally born to kill, and have left childhood behind a long time ago.

    So I for one, am not going to have any hesitation when I hear "In your own time , go on" if a group of these little muggers have malice aforethought to me, or the people I'm protecting. If however, they have surrendered or escaped,then it falls upon us, to act in the most humanitarian way possible

    Chris is right, this is a humanitarian mission, and it's one we should be involved in. This time it's not oil, but the diamonds help. But, cynicism aside, innocent people are being killed. We conducted a similar operation in Sierra Leone, we should do this one, if for no better reason, than to re-establish the fact, that Britain is the most humanitarian nation on earth.
  6. Reading the above posts...a question arises...

    Is there always a need to view the enemy as evil to make it a manageable fight emotionally and mentally for you? If yes...fine.

    Can you cope with killing people who you personally don't consider to be essentially different in nature from you..but just who happen to be on the other side?

    Viewing 8 year olds as evil little bastards (and I accept that many certainly will have become that) might work in the short term....and of course when faced with them if they have a gun in their hands they are combatants and obviously need to be dealt with as such...

    But is it not more honest to view these 8 year old children as victims too?....(born into their miserable lives as they were)..they may act like evil mini monsters but they are in fact if not in innocence..children....
    Doesn't mean you kill one less or hesitate if they are carrying weapons...

    I'm genuinely asking....If you kill a dozen 8/12 year olds thinking of them as evil bastards and not children..well I just wonder if that view will help or hinder.... at the time..and also later?

    If you don't need to see the enemy as wrong...why not acknowledge the reality that the little sods are simply kids with guns and fukced up lives in a fukced up place who, unfortunately and sadly you have to kill to try to improve things?

    And does the way you think of them matter...not for them but for you..later?

    I've met men who have been in combat who can't cope with life anymore...who have terrible memories...I'm just wondering if you guys think that the soldiers' attitude to fighting children before the event has a bearing on his ability to adjust to coping afterwards?

  7. Don't know about that but the first section commander to open up on a group of "children" had better get a good lawyer.....

  8. I would....

    ....better them than me........
  9. The book I quoted from in another thread suggested that some of the requirements to avoid widespread combat stress were as follows:

    - A "just cause".
    - Operations conducted within a disciplined, organised system (namely, within the bounds of the rules of war, after an O-Group that says "Destroy Enemy at GR....")
    - Enough time afterwards to talk the crappy bits through with your mates (because only they can understand what you've been through)
    - Recognition that you had "done the right thing" by the outside world (big parade in front of a grateful nation, everyone cheering)

    The suggestion was that we got it mostly right in the Falklands (and it answers the question "why didn't we just fly everyone back, rather than making them spend days on a boat going to Ascension / Southampton")...

    .... but that the US had stored up some immense problems for itself post-Vietnam. (individual replacements rather than unit tours, almost instantaneous "Vietnam-to-civilian life" transitions, and a certain amount of rejection by society at large)

    The nightmare would be some trash tabloid trying to make out that the blokes attacked by some doped-up 14-year-olds were child-killers. It's not as if killing people isn't bad enough, but children? Guilt from what you'd done (regardless of whether it was "you or them"), added to being attacked in print and rejected by the public, would be enough to make a basket-case of most people.....
  10. Unforunately this is the Mad Max sort of world that we could be going in to.

    Incoming 7.62 x 39mm is just as lethal, no matter what age the person pulling the trigger is.

    You may need a good lawyer if you have to shoot.  But your judgement and training will be sounder that those from certain other allied armies.

    There have been some brave and gallant decisions not to shoot.  You won't need a lawyer, you won't be forgotten either
  11. Better to be tried by twelve men than carried by six.
  12. Blonebint Reading the above posts...a question arises..etc.Unquote

    Hypothetical bolloxs

  13. Man, women, child and foetus with a gun is shot on sight, what is this namby pamby sit at home shite, where we should all feel sorry for these c#unts and c#nts in general.

    Peace and good wishes Chris
  14. Is it not by considering hypothetical situations that have every possibility of becoming your reality that you are better prepared and  equipped  to deal with them when they arise?  PPPPPP :p