Nightmare getting fit

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by weejones, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. I'm having a nightmare trying to get my fitness up, has anyone any advice to avoid injury as they always seem to set me back and lose interest in training. Now am trying to get my fitness back up so could try for the army next year. Should i accept my body cant do what am wanting or is there anyway to avoid always getting injured
  2. Go swimming
  3. Would of but i cant swim
  4. Then learn. You need to pass a swimming test in basic (unless they've done away with it), and besides, it's the answer to your problem.
  5. Do you know how much it would cost to learn? cause I'm currently jobless
  6. Pop over to your local leisure centre, most have free/very cheap swimming lessons and other fitness programmes for the unemployed. It`ll give you something to do with all that spare time you have and it`ll improve your confidence no end.
  7. I can teach you online for free. Is there a lake/river/canal local to you?
  8. I can help also. If you can just run a bath, then get in it with your PC.

    You have 2 hopes of joining the Forces with that shiite attitude (except the Navy perhaps?)
  9. I'll try contact one, just i have no money and everything else is pretty much f'd reason why i'd like to get fit and start again in the army.Appreciate all the advice
  10. Go to your local pool & find out if they do free courses?
    If not they will be at a reduced rate as you are UB40!
  11. Anyone can swim. Just imagine Len Fairclough, rigged out in £2.49 swimming goggles, lurid yellow Speedos complete with semi-erection, doggy paddling towards you. You'll be qualifying for your 25m badge in no time.
  12. "Uncle Lenny...... will I REALLY sink if you take your fingers out?"
  13. Yeah swimming is a great way, I taught myself to swim when I was a kid well about 8 and had help from some girl I met while on holiday with grandparents, So I had learnt to swim before taking a single lesson. It's really easy to learn, Pretty much all leisure centre's offer (At the very least) discounted prices for both swimming and gym's. When you get 5 minutes spare just call up ask about prices and lessons if you like (unless you plan to self learn) then start swimming your heart out.
  14. H3

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