Nightly closing ceremony India/Pakistan border

Subject: India-Pakistan Border NIGHTLY Closing Ceremony

India-Pakistan Border NIGHTLY Closing Ceremony

This is absolutely fascinating. The pomp and ceremony that accompany this
border closing has to be seen and not described. What is astonishing is the
ritual and audience participation that apparently occurs for an event that
happens 365 days per year.

This is worth your time to watch. Well, we know there is no love lost
between the two countries. I'm surprised they ever open the border.

India-Pakistan Border NIGHTLY Closing Ceremony. Both countries have nukes,
and both countries have come close to war a number of times. If they do,
it'll be a different ballgame for the ENTIRE region.

The Wagah border is the only road linking India and Pakistan. And every
night, the border is closed with a most unusual ceremony. Only 156 seconds
long, it is one of the strangest things I've ever seen.
It certainly puts the good old RAF Police Barrier Display Team to shame.
That's one of the most strangest things I've ever seen.

Although I think visiting the MacDonalds in Rabat (or maybe it was Fes) during Ramadam is equally as strange - the rich natives were breaking fast with some sort of MacRamadam meal. The MacDonalds also laid on all sorts of live entertainment (there were live singers!), whilst rich locals spent the equivilent of a months wages for the average Morocan on sh!t food. It was such a strange sight - like some sort of Western characture with expensive cars parked outside & the customers wearing designer clothes like Diseal, Armani - I visited the place twice in two days just to see if it was a one off the first time. It wasn't.
Being going on for a long time me old 'luvvies'.

Few notice the handshake at the end - no 'media interest' there of course.

I do so hope that no 'Broken British' will ever attend this ceremony - it is peaceful, not an excuse for a 'Cardiff City -v- Millwall' brawl.

I hate my nation so much since that empty man Blair took it over ....................................
Imagine if 'Changing of the Guard' had that degree of audience participation. Mind you, Grens vs Coldstreams would be more likely to start WW3 that that lot.
Quite a show eh? Kinda reminded me of birds during mating season with all the kicking and those crests on their head gear.
Passed through that crossing point a few times and it was always worth waiting to watch the gate closing, on my first trip thr Indian customs impounded three of our four Landrovers, because we did not have written permission from the owner to take them into India, I think they meant the Queen, had to go on to Kathmandu by train and bus
Yes, saw this myself a couple of years ago. A lot of pomp, circumstance and audience participation (heartily encouraged by the WO/SNCO on duty on either side of the border) but as far as I could tell, no real antagonism. More like cheering the teams on during the old Royal tournament gun race (now that shows what an old fart I am).
Micheal Palin has covered this ceremony in his travel series,

One of his quotes while watching:

"whats more interesting is the use of thumbs to show anger between the Guards"

also the lowering of the flags in tandem

the whole thing is impressive to watch

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