Night watch Action?

Did anyone see this today?
Tv program that's usually on late ITV. Mostly its just a basic police fly on the wall thing, titled "Night watch Crime" or "Night watch Emergency" (For the fly on the ambulance version).

Just caught literally the last few minutes of tonight's episode and it seemed to be following Royal Marines through training, but it wasn't listed on any of the TV guides I checked.
Anyone know what it was about or got a copy to upload?
Yeah they've been doing that for the last few weeks on a thursday night.

Its old footage of the booties - I'm sure its been shown before under another programme title.

Its never highlighted or identified in the TV guides - like you I expected just the normal chavs V polis "Night watch".

One of the other channels ITV4 (?) shows an up to date(ish) prog at 9pm on sundays which is better.


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Yep it is an old film of 40 Cdo RM. So old that the CO is now the Bde Cdr.
Its that old? I noticed the old shirts etc.

Did you see that Major's beret at one point when he was chatting to the lads in the field?

It was planted on and sticking up like an Iraqi policeman's :D
Cheers Sparky, I'll make sure I catch it next week then.
The one on ITV4 is Commando: Frontline, quality series that, already watched it a few times.

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