Night vision

Any one use any for shooting fox and rabbit? Looking to get one but not to sure to get a add on plus dsa or go for a dedicated scope. Any advice or help welcomed
Yes, I do - and it does work. You can spend more or less as much as you want and you'll get what you pay for. I went for the cheap as chips option (<£100) with an old Gen I tube (same as the IWS - ARRSEpedia - great for the "old & bold" memories of green specks and that whining noise ) which, with an IR illuminator to light up their eyes, takes me out to 50-75m for rabbit. On a slightly windy night and not too much moon you can get pretty close before they see you.

Plenty of threads already on this subject, try this: or put "night vision" into the search bar.
Hi have you managed to adapt it to fit onto your scope? And if fitted to the scope im guessing the x mag makes no differnce as it would be working of the magnification of the scope.
I use the NV as an either/or with my day optics - using a quick-release scope mount. The downside of this is that you can lose zero, I get round this because I have a laser mounted under the barrel which can be used as a check on the zero in between the two sets of sights.

If you want to spend the money, a day/night sight is the way ahead. You get consistent zero, balance and can shoot at dusk without swapping kit half-way through. Biped will offer you one for about a grand:
Aldi are running an offer on a Spotting Scope- £19:99
Went in today for a Mk1, was impressed so bought one- in the same dispaly is their NV marked down to £79:99

Not convinced I need one so looked no further but you might want to.

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