Night vision techniques.

I've just polished off a packet off the rather splendid "Nobby's crisps" (Friday night Balti chicken flavour)
So being an incurable infomaniac, I read the back of the pack whilst eating them.
Here is what it said:-

Lesson 7
(Eyepatch facts)

Most pirates had perfectly good eyes. By wearing an eyepatch at all times, the covered eye would become highly sensitive, making it ideal to navigate at night using the stars.
Modern day soldiers are taught a similiar night vision technique during basic training, to assist them when fighting under the cover of darkness.

Am I missing something here, or are they just taking the p iss? Has anyone here been issued an eyepatch or perhaps, a pair of wooden legs and a DIY amputation kit as a remedy for shin-splints?


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Great Idea! Can't think why someone hasn't thought of it al...


Just walked into a table. Nigt vision is good, but stero vision is better :)
I'm wearing two - one over each eye so that my vision is doubly good at night. O.K. you can stop typing now - press preview, can you see at the top of the screen? No you need to use the scroll bar - don't ask me I'm blind until I take these things off! Are you still typing everything I say? Just press submit you dozy sod...
eh dont knock it...!! I got grit in me eye in the sandpit a couple of years ago, went to see my friendly medical technician (who, as it turned out, didnt have a f*cking clue how to put a plaster on let alone irrigate an eye socket), came away with an eye patch on, grand it was, proper black one etc., got back to me section, ARR JIM LAD my section commander took one look and said "f*ck off, your'e not going out on patrol looking like THAT!

RESULT! I got to stop in me scratcher fiddling with meself for 24 hours whilst the lads were out playing in the sand, bless 'em, undergoing all sorts of nasty beastlyness........

I no longer wear the eyepatch, it lives in me sock drawer cosy and warm, in readiness for the next cake and aarrse party i'm invited to .......
This has to be partially nonsense:
When I was younger my doctor found out that my vision on the left eye was better than on the right one. Instead of using glasses I had to wear an eyepatch on the left eye for some weeks. The result was that vision on the right - unpatched - eye became better because it had to do "more training". Hmm, maybe the patched eye got worse.

During night ops it is clever to close one eye if you encounter sudden lights e.g. from a passing car or when using a nvg because the closed eye remains more sensitive as it takes about 30 min to (re-)gain proper night vision for a human eye.
OH Sh!t! You have just brought back memories that I hoped had been buried....

In the early 80s in Lippstadt we had a CO who was totally out of his tree.

On exercise he insisted on guys having an eyepatch.... If you had to go in an out of lit areas then you had to wear it to preserve your night vision...

The Ops wagon looked like it had been taken over by Cap'n Redbeard and his crew.

This was only one of his "good ideas" that he had every now and then. Another one was calling Endex after 4 weeks of being fcuked about and then getting all the wagons driven to some Rastplatz umpteen miles from the camp and then inviting us all to walk the rest of the way home, really endeared him to they guys that one. :roll:
Yep, taught to close one eye in case of sudden lights to preserve NV in the event of sudden light. Longer term benefits never mentioned though.

A recent documentary on Channel 4 (so probably Sky/History 3-4 years ago) covered Britain's cols war weapons. They spoke to RAF aircrew and the problem of major conflict where they are flying over Germany/Russia with Nukes a-plenty going off and blinding them. Nothing was done to black out windows but each pilot (2 per) were issued with 2 eye patches.

Whoever was piloting at any time would remove one patch - nuke goes off, take off other patch. And so on for next pilot.

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