night vision scopes

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mogwaimarshall, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. hi im looking to invest in a night vision scope, i dont want to break the bank but can any one make any reccomendations from personal experience cheers
  2. Don't bother mate waste of your hard earned cash. The issue kit is better than anything you can buy civvie side mate.
  3. Bresser Digilal night scope £99.99 in Lidel first generation with II/IRvideo output but it works for me. do a search as there was quit a lomg wind up on me over this
  4. And if its got an IR output then it'll be an active device and his posn will be highlighted to any en viewing through II. Frankly I think TTs advice is spot on.
  5. TT is right. the issue kit is far superior. But for vfm, the LIDL jobbie is very good. They will probably have them again, just keep looking out for them. But realitsically, its only good for vermin control, security work or camping. not for war.
  6. Tropper talking crap again . To think your a fellow welshman as well.
  7. Why's he talking crap? The OP never said what he wanted it for. It may well fit the purpose he requires it for.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Pulsar NV550 Digital scope. Fcuking ace bits of kit, and will work in daylight too.
  9. cheers for the advice, i just want one for normal use, can not get the issued kit, so just want something for general use when working at night, i was looking at the atn night star
  10. OK you stupid fu***** where does he say he wants it for ops,I cannot think why any serving soldier would want to pay for a bit of very expensive kit such as state of the art NV, FFS thats like buying your own weapons, I use mine for Shooting at night and Photography and it works great
  11. Tropper, you might want to adjust your aim, as at the moment it looks like you're shooting the OP :wink:
  12. You missed dogging as you can hold it with one hand.
  13. Soldier asks about procuring night vision on the Army rumour service. Without a caveat that he was NOT going to use it on Service time, I would presume (worst case scenario) thats what he was thinking. He may not know the difference between active and passive kit.

    If youre throwing your teddy out the pram because of the response to your 'use active NV kit' post, get over yourself.
  14. Mmmm. I've just bumped this item up several places in my wants list. I hadn't thought of that until now..... :oops:
  15. lol well i saw one of my lads had one on our last weekend exercise, and with bounty hopefully coming up i thought i would treat myself, i dont want an expensive set as i have seen a couple of nvgs that i like, they definantly not for dogging as one post puts, but they will be handy when im doing navigation at night and for rabbiting