Night vision scope

Looking for something for rabbits etc. (Air rifle.)

ATN Aries MK350 350C

Anyone used one of these, or any suggestions as regards a "starter scope".




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Any half-reasonable NV scope in Gen 1 is going to cost you about £400. This will give you fairly lousy vision out to 50-60 yards and not much further.

On the other hand, if you spend £1020 (with me, obviously, and this includes the extra bolt-on illuminator in addition to the built-in one), I'll provide you with what I use. This being a digital NV scope by Pulsar that will allow you to spot 'eyes' with the illuminator at 300 yards, and recognise a rabbit at 200 yards so that you can walk up to it and shoot it at 10 yards without it knowing it was coming. These scopes, when using the illuminator are every bit as good as a Gen 2+ costing £3,000, whereas I've actually thrown Gen 1 scopes away in the past because they're so crap.

Also, if you do ever upgrade your calibre and and rifle, with this Pulsar scope, you can see foxes at 300 yards (and recognise them), and wild boar even further. Not only this, but it works in the daytime too, has 8 different reticles built in to choose from, has video in and out, a USB port for downloading more crosshairs, an external power supply port, a remote switch for attaching further down your stock and other functions too.

I know it will cost you more initially, but the idea is to get a future-proof scope that will cater to all circumstances, as well as being marvelous for the first task you have in mind. If you get a Gen 1, you'll be disappointed, and you'll have to replace it if you want to do anything else.
ive got a 390 mounted on a ruger 10/22 and like biped says its ok with an illuminator out to 60/ 70 yrds, the biggest drawback at long ranges is the lack of magnification and the size of the reticule. if you can pick up a cheap s/h 350 then go for it but if buying new you might be better going for a cobra add on (which i use on my .223)


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ive got a 390 mounted on a ruger 10/22 and like biped says its ok with an illuminator out to 60/ 70 yrds, the biggest drawback at long ranges is the lack of magnification and the size of the reticule. if you can pick up a cheap s/h 350 then go for it but if buying new you might be better going for a cobra add on (which i use on my .223)
The Cobra add-on scope is alright if you don't have too much recoil (like with a .223), and don't mind having an unatural firing hold, but it's only a compromise. If you are looking to use an NV scope attached to day-scopes, I would recommend the PS-22 (which comes out at about £1900 in Gen 2+. This attaches to the front of any day scope, so your eye relief is not affected. IMHO, it's still not as clear as the Pulsar however and twice the price, but it's the best compromse of a bunch of compromises that are out there if you wish to have day/night capability with good day scopes, rather than something that performs better at night than day - ie: the Pulsar.
Does it have to be night vision?, i had plenty of success with a 3x9x40 telesight and a lamp.

There is success and then there is the business!
I've been lucky enough to see and handle some of the sights Biped sells and if I had the money- well I wouldn't have for long!


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Mmmmmmm, yeah . . . . . . . . . shekkshy!

Digital riflescope Digisight N550 is a perfect combination of the latest developments in the field of optics and electronics.

Along with good optical characteristics (fast aperture focusable lens 50 mm ƒ1.0, 67 mm eye relief) the riflescope features a wide range of options which allow it to be tuned to one's personal needs. The riflescope uses a highly sensitive CCD array (with a range of operation illumination 0.00003 - 30000 lux), image is transmitted to a VGA display, 640x480 pixels. The Digisight N550 also has Sum Light™ function which automatically increases CCD array sensitivity under low light conditions.

The screen displays information on operation status (running time, low battery indicator, camera operation mode). One of the remarkable features is the possibility of zeroing the riflescope not only in the traditional manner but also using a new “one shot zeroing” method. This makes the zeroing procedure significantly faster and more convenient.

The Digisight N550 has several switchable pre-loaded reticles of various shapes. Reticle inversion (color change from white to black and vice versa depending on the target colour) and enhanced contrast function are very useful too. You can use the USB port to download reticles that you have designed yourself too.

The riflescope is equipped with a built-in IR Illuminator which should be used in low light conditions in the nighttime. The Weaver rail on the side of the body allows an auxiliary, more powerful IR Flashlight to be attached (included at £1020).

Basic control functions (switching on/off the riflescope and the IR Illuminator, reticle inversion) can be performed with the help of the included remote control.

The riflescope also features a jack performing two functions – Video Out (to conduct video recording to external devices without the use of additional adapters and camera or camcorders) and Video In (can be used to display on the riflescope’s screen information transmitted from remote cameras via radio channel).

The Digisight N550 is resistant to bright light exposure and features excellent operational characteristics. The riflescope can be mounted on a wide range of hunting weapons including those of large calibers (shock resistance is guaranteed if cartridges with muzzle velocity not exceeding 6000 Joules are used). The riflescope operates on four rechargeable batteries but can also be powered with an external power supply. Digisight N550 is designed for hunting, sports shooting, night video recording, general observation.
I will be in an area where I do not want to be wandering round with a lamp, after reading Biped's comment on getting to withinn 10 yards, it seemed the way to go, I also will be in a semi woodland area, ie some growth, and some field.
I do like the idea of the digiscope and what I have seen on the writeups, it is pretty damned impressive. just a little more than I wanted to go for one.
I found a couple of comments about the 2.5 mag, not really being good enough, and to go for the X 4 or X5..

I am just trying to set something up worthwhile, without breaking the bank, (or my head when the Memsahib finds out.)


Biped, check PM's


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