Night Vision Question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Operator, Jan 6, 2005.

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  1. I've just managed to aquire one of these Night vision monoculars (Quality of image as good as CWS)

    However after some playine about with the IR on/off switch i've found some interesting (substitute - boring/crap/other expletive) bits.

    Having read various posts about GEN 3 NV sets making anyone without IRR kit light up like a xmas tree, i've tested mine with my softie jacket........ it looks white and shiney, however this is using the IR illuminator, (when I get back to my kit I will test IRR stuff. ),

    Does my NV device have a special tube in it, or is this normal GEN1 +IR beam behaviour?
  2. Have you washed your Jacket - IRR is only good when the items havn't been washed, ironed, seen mud! or been anywhere other then the factory lol
  3. It's a Softie shirt (as at Softis shirt no washing or tratment since it was purchased.

    Also other civilian clothing has been looking bright white. Prob a Gen! tube, it's just i'm new to this stuff and a little confused
  4. Having read the schpeel at the bottom of the Ebay link you posted. In the spec it says its Gen 1. :wink:
  5. Cheers Flash, it was just the fact the anyone I looked at using the IR source seems to glow (clothing wise). I guess I'll have to experiment with my 'IRR Proof kit' to make sure. It would be a bit*h to get caught on exercie just for waering dodgy stuff. (Op's now seeing why the IRR vs. non-IRR argument is so valid)
  6. But when you look at someone wearing a softie through a thermal imager only their face shows up white .so it depends if using active infrared or not i guess

  7. As Woody observes far IR (thermal) imaging has hot things that radiate (faces) showing up better than insulating things (softys). But thermal and NVG are different beasts that work different ways.

    NVG uses "near" IR as I understand it. Handily placed on the spectrum near visible light to allow for it to be handled without having to resort to anything too star treky. BUT out of the range of visble light so if you go active no (or little) visible signature.

    I think the light from your active lamp is being reflected very efficiently by the material in your softy. So only a liability if somebody who is looking for you is doing so in active mode (he'll look like a xmas tree himself in near IR range) or there is a bright near IR source nearby.
  8. Also with NVGs, as well as using light just outside of the normal visible light range, it amplifies available light. NVGs don't work if it is 100% dark.

    Also just to underline what CutLunchCommando said, IR is completely different from the night vis kit most of us use. IR is actually the radiated form of heat.

    End of lecture.
  9. Its all a bit more complicated than that. Your NVG are operating in the near IR band Thermal is in the Far or Middle IR bands. When using the illuminator your softy is seriously good at reflecting the light at the near IR. DPM stuff will also reflect the light but will reflect it in a DPM type pattern if it is properly IRR. If it is tacky cheap stuff it will reflect it all as one colour. Near IR or II (Image Intensification) will only work when there are ammounts of light around (known as ambient light) in the wavelength that the tubes can see. Your softie will reflect this light very well hence you will stick out like the dogs b0llocks. Your proper DPM will reflect it in different colours and so you should blend in with the natural environment. Mind you it does not work that way in Urban areas as bricks tend to reflect in one colour so your clever DPM looks a bit out of place.

    As for the Thermal imager. your softie is an insulator so its surface is not as hot as your skin so it does not show up as well.

    Once upon a time we had a STANOC Centre who could answer all these questions for you but I gather they binned it as ISTAR was not really important anymore - either that or it wasn't anyones core business so it was axed as a savings measure. Much more important to have equal opportunity training.

    They did some work and decided that the Canadian combats were streets ahead of our stuff. Wierd computer generated stuff really dodgy up close but magic at distances starting at 25m.

    They may still run the All Arms Countersurveillance Instructors Course somewhere. I did it years ago and it was excellent fun and really quite informative. First course where I was not treated like an idiot and made to learn countless definitions. There was a Gunner and I think an Argyll who obviously really enjoyed the subject and vied to make the lectures wacky.