Night vision equipment for driving

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by help_please, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    My company is working on a contract for DES SE looking at night vision aids for driving, which includes benefits of and problems with existing in-service night vision equipment. We would very much like some feedback from people who actually use the equipment.

    If you use night vision equipment for driving, we would be very grateful if you could give a summary of your experiences and/or answer some of the questions in the attachment. Sorry there are so many, but I hope different people will have experience in different aspects.

    All responses will be anonymous. If any of the questions ask for classified information, please ignore them.

    I have cleared this post with site admin.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Shouldn't this sort of request go through your IPT?

    Answers to questions 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 are potentially of use to enemy forces.
  3. Please call me or PM me regards JJ
  4. Apparently they good for driving at night at break neck speeds down the motorway in the pitch darkness, without having your lights on.

    I tend to agree with Incendiarycutlery. If you want any geniuine info, and that you are yourself, tag on to DSE at the DVD show, should get all the info you need there.
  5. We are of course talking to the IPTs and TDUs, and these questions are some of those we are asking them. However, we would also like experiences from people who actually use the equipment in the field. As I said in the original post, please don't answer any questions that need classified responses.
  6. There's nothing like a good questionnaire and interview technique.

    And this is nothing like it
  7. I cant see that any data you gather from this site will be of use. Do you know that any of the people who respond or fill in your questionnaire are genuine or just spotty faced airsofting walts? Seems a bit pointless doing 'market research' on a completely unknown and unquantifiable audience. Or are you just trying to produce a load of 'bumpf' to pad out a sales brochure with the heading 'British Army use of NVG whilst driving'?

    Sorry to sound negative but its a tonk idea coming on here attempting to get useful data.
  8. My name is Elizabeth Windsor (formerly Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), which goes to show how you don't know who's who around here. I could yak on about NVGs for ages and you wouldn't know whether my opinions came from genuine experience or Call Of Duty 4.

    Ask the IPT to introduce you to some loggies or AAC pilots and loadies; you'll find people who can tell you all about using NV kit in challenging conditions.
  9. I've been helpful and answered your questionnaire.

    Questions on night vision equipment for driving

    • Which vehicle and which night vision system do you use, and what is your role in the vehicle?
    • Elicoptur, NG700, NG2000, Anvis 9, Nite Op, DNVG. Driver-Airframe x1

    • What type of terrain do you drive over, and at what speeds?
    • Everyfing, 130mph +
    • If you are in a convoy, what spacing do you use?
    • Down to 1 rotor span spacing
    • If you use NVGs, how are they mounted (eg helmet, head straps, hand held) ?
    • Helmet
    • If you use a thermal imager, where is it mounted on the vehicle and where is the viewing screen mounted?
    • Nose. HMD
    • While using the NV equipment, what lights do you use on the vehicle and in the cab, and what convoy lights do you use?
    • ELP, SKL
    • When does your NV equipment work well and when does it work badly (eg lighting, weather conditions, dust, time of day)?
    • Night time. Shit in dust/snow
    • What problems occur routinely (eg keeping clean, view through windscreen, can’t see into turn)?
    • Head hurts after wearing the fuckers for 5+ hours
    • Are there specific problems with visibility (eg distiguishing terrain features, interpreting the image, poor quality image)?
    • ‘driving’ towards sunset. Low millilux with no environmental/cultural lights
    • Do you rely on the NV equipment as your main view of the scene, or do you use it with other equipment (eg naked eye, periscope, other NV equipment)?
    • Yes
    • How much training did you have, and was it realistic?
    • Lots of hours. Yes
    • How does your NV equipment benefit you (eg can you do missions you could not do otherwise, can you drive faster) ?
    • Stops me crashing
    • How would you like equipment to be improved (eg bigger field of view, better resolution, better performance under specific conditions)?
    Wider FoV, less mass, better auto gain, system integration.

    Of course, I could either be an experienced user of NVS or I could just be a 14 year old Call of Duty addict with a hygiene problem ;)
  10. Have you finally outed yourself? :D
  11. So you really are Chubb then! 8O
  12. I know for a fact Flash is not 14.

  13. ...Your honour