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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 307, Sep 29, 2004.

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  1. 307

    307 War Hero

    Just wondering, what anyone thinks to maybe buying a fairly cheap (200 quid ish) night vis. monocular, just as something to make life easier, could be really useful one day. They seem really Gucci for the price anyone got any experience with them? P.s. I'm looking at Cobra optics ones. Built in IR illuminator to for total darkness!!!
  2. IR light is ok for peace time, but on ops I wouldn't like to have a light on even if it was only IR.... the other side can also afford NVGs.

    But as ever the main point is that the man at Q&M has to go out to buy 'Guchi' kit that may make his life a little easier out of his own pocket. In the US army even the chefs get night vision. We are left fumbling around in the dark relying on fieldcraft skills,so easily lost with so few real FTXs to practice them with. No wonder the Spam's call us the 'Flintstones' :-S
  3. 307

    307 War Hero

    Yeah, they are issued when deemed 'essential' I believe. They can function without IR light, IR is just for when there's no light at all to intensify. I would use IR in Iraq now, for sure. Doubt very much any terrorists are gonna have NVGs on?Isn't it only the latest NV that can use IR light anyway? Still, do you think it would be a worthwhile investment?
  4. The sight on a Dragunov can see IR.....
  5. Yes, NVGs and CWSs were issued in Iraq and, as most yanks had a flashing IR light in their pocket anyway, there wasn't too much of a problem with any IR source, but you can't always be sure of that luxury.

    As for IR light sources being a new concept, the early night vision almost always used an IR and most AFVs and other vehicles were issued IR filters to enable them to drive in the dark. Even the first NVGs that I got my hands on in the 80s had a switch to select 'IR active' mode if required. But as with most things, a passive system is preferable and always will be.

    Ouch, re-reading that I notice it makes me sound Sooo old! 8O
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The majority of NVG systems, certain in Gen 1, 2 & 3 were designed to operate at frequencies around 635-655 nanometres, green light.

    The down side of this is that map reading is difficult as light at this freqncy means that roads and rivers both appear as black lines on an OS map and the dried blood colour used for contour lines is invisible, hence a tendency to bump into hills if the operator is not careful.

    The older Gen 1 and 2 units for a couple oif hundred quid are a useful toy but i would think twice about trusting your life on one with an IR source on the bottom. If you can afford one, so can the guy who you are looking for.
  7. 307

    307 War Hero

    Fellas, I'm not on about trusting my life to a set of NVGs I'm on about getting a little NV scope to aid with observation at night. I think down the line a bit I will invest in one.
  8. To read your Frankie while on stag?
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  10. All NVGs see further into the near IR band than the unaided human eye.
  11. haven't used em but looking at the spec it says 'comes with water resistant bag' so I assume they're not totally waterproof. not really handy for what you're thinking of doing with em eh? i.e. do one OP in the rain, spend the rest of the ex with 460gms of waterlogged kit. just a thought anyways.

    any electronic kit I buy must be totally waterproof, otherwise you spend too long fumbling with ziploc bags etc trying to keep the damn thing dry.
  12. Better half bought some for his security company a few months ago for a company called starlight night vision. He paid around £500 each for his. He has the singular telescope style as apposed to the binocular. Luckily for him the bloke who sold them had bought a better specification and changed the tubing inside ours for nothing mega decent bloke eh?!!.
    I know nothing about them but we now have 2 sets of military spec kite sight night vis for £500. Brilliant bits of kit, came in very handy whilst trying to find my mutt on a site in Deeside at four in the morning!!.
    When better half gets in will get him to post a bit more about the type he has for you because, knowing me i have told you a load of bollocks!!. :) :(
  13. I got mine from

    I use them when abroad on safari, would not trust my life to them but then as Oleg says you get what you pay for,

    Olegs showroom is well worth a visit by the way.......

  14. Check on ebay, you can get some half decent goggles on there, although most of the cheaper ones are IR,(as others have said this can be seen by others rather than a passive system).

    Most on Ebay ar 1st generation, but if you are looking for 3rd generation goggles you will have to pay an arm and a leg for them.
    There even some water proof ones on ebay you can get.

    Also a web site you might like to try is As the name suggests it ex soviet goggles, and some of these can be picked up for a good bargin.