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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Scutterbandit, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone clear up what my entitlement is for night subsidence. I am posted to Germany and due to removal and drop off times my family and myself have been booked into a hotle for four nights. The hotel has been booked through CHBS for myself, my wife and two young children, at the moment it is for breakfast only. What allowances can I claim for meals for myself and my family; my pay office seem vague and have quoted me a sum of £21 for all of us for Lunch and Dinner...which seems very low? Can anyone be more specific land shed some light on this for me? Cheers
  2. Subsistence, not subsidence. I thought this was going to be a post about a house collapsing.
  3. I think you'll find that it is £21 per person per day but you need to sort that out before you spend the money. It is the responsibility of the Admin Office to tell you what you can claim - or to show you the manual!

    Keep the bills.

  4. Get your booking changed to Bed Breakfast and Evening Meal and the system will pick up the bill, this will leave you £4.20 each for lunch - must keep all receipts and remember that lunch is a meal and not chocolate and a drink as many of the RAF are finding out to their cost.
  5. yes and no. from how i read it, you are correct on this as long as the hotel does NOT give you an itemised bill specifying the dinner cost. if your dinner rate at the hotel is say £20, then you do NOT want an itemised bill - so you get an extra £4.20 for lunch.

    if the dinner rate is say £10 then i am not sure what to advise - you might think you then have £11 for lunch, but i seem to recall there being some sort of limit on how much you can claim for lunch.

    (by dinner rate, i mean the element of your dinner bed and breakfast rate which is for dinner)
  6. But is it not actual costs now??
  7. I've heard the same. And to keep and provide your receipts.
  8. As long as the booking for Dinner Bed and Breakfast is made by CHBS you will be covered, full the full cost of the evening meal even if the bill is itemised.
  9. I have just fallen foul of this new system. It is actuals. Up to and including £21. Spend anymore and its down to you. Reciepts are required and should be kept for 5years. Try to avoid the itemised bill. CHBS did my hotel booking. Hope this helps.
  10. Actually I think you only need to keep receipts for one year from the date of the claim once we go electronic in the middle of next year. Until then it is still the old 1771s and the RAOs dept will keep your receipts for you.
  11. I'm on JPA, and its 5years.
  12. Rockape - I don't know where you've got your info from - this is an extract from JSP 752:


    01.0118. Audit and Receipts. A number of allowance payments will be made via the JPA Expenses Claim system. These payments will be subject to a random 5% audit. To facilitate this audit claimants are required to keep the supporting receipts and paperwork for a period of 12 months from the date of claim. Claimants who have received payments for which they are subsequently unable to produce supporting receipts and paperwork for audit may be required to refund the payment.

    Should save you a bit of space!!