Night Shifts are cack

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wireless_barf, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. anyone else out there in ARRSEland doing the neetshift and bored off ya t1ts?

    only another 7h 45mins to go :(
  2. It's great, I can usually manage at least 4-5 hours of coffee breaks obviously.
  3. Eeeee when I were your age I used to Dreeeeeeeam abah't 8 hour stints.

    WE used to 'av ta do 26 hour days AND pay t' go t' work.

    an' wen we gor 'ome - ah Dad would slice uz in two wi' breadknife.

    If we wuh LUCKY!

    Edit - hey - kill some time on me (the taxpayer!) with THIS take on the classic Python 4 Yorkshiremen skit.

    Er - another edit - for me the line above does not look like it has a link, but it does - click on 'THIS take' - not on this line - the one above - or above that, the first one - oh dear - did I do sumfink rong?

    (Yeah yeah - I got born etc etc)
  4. I get to spend all night on here, spending the rest of the time filling paperwork and nowt else, so nightshift can't be all bad.

  5. yeah, but ive been on since 'alf 7! and its a 70mile round trip to get here

    ...and ive got t' pay mill owner for permission to come to work

    cardboard box?
  6. so what you fellas actually meant to be doing on yer nights (apart from surfing, ARRSEing, kippin' and drinking coffee

    im keeping the nations commercial telly on-air so all the pizzed up chavs have summat to drool at
  7. oh gawd! the other fellas here have put 'shooter' on to watch, what utter cack, i might go to sleep :roll:
  8. 7 til 7 nights on a refinery now can't even go in chat as the cyber cops have stopped web chat and will be stoppin bloggin too soon TW*TS!!!!!!
  9. 7-7, security manager at Bloomberg in London and as much internet as I want as long as it's "work safe", ha-ha.
  10. 7 to 7 as a Network Manager for the Emergency services Telecoms system........ pays the bills.!!
  11. airwave? we did the supura handset rollout for most of the forces, before i transfered from public safety to broadcast. Our guys downstairs look after the coastguard and RNLI (one of thems an ex tankie, does TA sigs now i think)
  12. 1900hrs til 0700hrs Security Officer on the African continent. Dont do much except make sure my local guard commander commands his guards!
    But hey! I get 3 months a year off and pay is tax free. Whoo hoo
  13. Considering how bone the posters looked, I thought it wasn't that bad!
  14. Once its 02:00hrs i cant stay awake , No matter where i am or what country i am in . Once a guy phoned me every hour all through the night and not even could wake me
  15. its pretty pants and loads of cockups, especially weaponry wise, but the scene where he shoots shotgun and the guys thumb off in the snow made us all cheer out loud!

    just pissed our on call guy off by sending him out on a call :evil: