Night shifts a health risk?

I've worked permanent night shift for a few years now, and apart from the odd problem with adjusting my body clock (not being able to sleep at the weekends and so on) I haven't noticed any issues with my health.

Even so, I have heard that working nights can give all sorts of problems such as increased rates of cancer, and general ill health. Does anyone know of anywhere I could find some relevant facts and figures?

Also I have heard that sleeping during the daylight hours causes your body to stop, or decrease production of certain hormones. Are blackout curtains the only solution?

Any input from fellow 'night-owls' or people with medical knowledge would be welcomed.


As a fellow shiftie, I too have heard these things. Changing my sleep patterns every 4 days is not ideal.

Shiftwork is no bloody fun...
Shifts make you...unsettled. I did sixty night shifts in the div Op Room (by choice) in 1996 back to back. I decided not to do any more because I found groups of more than five people scary!!


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