Night scope viewer

From Thursday 16th December at Lidl - Bresser 5x50 Digital Night Vision Viewer



Where's Tropper/Jim24 when you need him?!!!?

He has bezzers "working the doors" at Lidls.............and invented Infrared
He didnt technically invent the night scope, he invented the infra red light spectrum. Sorry to be ****, but if I dont correct you, he will. And I'm fucked if Im reading through another story about him getting shot.
It's a first generation image intensifier, that means it needs an IR lamp to iluminate the target, starlight isn't enough, thats why it has the smaller red lens. For observing game, unless you have a big IR spotlight and a couple of car batteries in your sky rocket, it's as much use as tits on a fish.
I had the first one that Lidl/Aldi sold and that was only 3 x magnification; granted it cannot be run continuously but it has accounted for a decent number fish-titted Foxes
The link doesn't work for me, but if it is a digital device then it is not first generation, but does need an illuminator. It works in the 950 Nm region as opposed to 650 Nm for first generation devices. And no it does not need its own power station, it is quite likely to have an adaptor for a car cigarette lighter socket anyway.
As far as I'm concerned "requires illumination" makes it first generation. That the image is produced digitally instead of via expensive vacuum tubes doesn't make it better, it makes it cheaper. the small IR spot on the front will give you illumination out to about 30 meters, which is pointless for hunting purposes.

In the world of night vision equipment you get what you pay for.

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