Night Patrols on Ops - a question for the young blades

While reading a book about NI back in the 1970s it got me to thinking about the constant night patrols and ambushes we did then. In training we got all the stuff about "dominating the feba", "retaining the initiative", "dominating the enemy" etc etc. I guess it must have worked because a lot of the time we were the only buggers up and about in the rain at 0400...most of the players had the sense to be in bed.

Anyway, due to the general crapness of the 1960's vintage starlight scopes we had, the best way to observe the ground was to be out on it with the mark 1 eyeball, and there was always the chance of getting the drop on the opposition in the dark. Similar situation in the Falklands, with all the infantry units running patrols at night.

Now, while I have seen plenty of footage of night contacts at patrol bases in Afghan, plus video of early morning house searches and lifts in Iraq, I don't recall seeing or reading anything about patrol activities during the hours of darkness.

Do the units on the ground in Afghan still do the patrols and ambushes at night, to keep the opposition on their toes etc? Or have the vastly improved NV and surveillance devices allowed the troops to stand back and observe rather than actually have to get out on the ground?

Just curious - no need to give any technical stuff away. I just wondered if the young lads today get pissed off patrolling in the rain and cold while the Taliban are warm and dry in bed?

No way.Our boys and girls finish at 17:00.
Hot showers,three course meal.Then down the pub,sink a few,bit of darts and pool.On to the cinema and see the latest Holywood offerings.Finish the evening at the disco and pull some nurses that arrived on the bus.......

That's what I was told,so unless anyone knows different?
The strategy for the use of routine night patrols has changed of late. The only time conventional forces like to get out for a good ol' night patrol is when they want to leap in to the air and scatter their limbs asunder.
we were doing deliberate ops rather than ground holding so we did night moves very frequently (pretty much every night) either to move out of the area for extraction or to move into another area whilst attracting the least attention. we put out a couple of ambushes but these were generally a waste of time, the only night fighting we did seemed to come about through just wondering in to one another.

i hated night moves. i always went over my ankle, never quite enough to get a seat on the resupply but always enough so that it hurt like hell all day. and you cant smoke.
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