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Night out in the big smoke?

Seeing as Blackpool is looking a bit bleak in terms of attendance, we were thinking about having a night out in London again.

Meet in a pub, and bimble round a few more getting drunker by the hour.

Anyone up for it and any suggestions as to where we go?


Thousands of places, depends on what/where you want to go?

West End? Brown pubs? Bars? Food? Ages (careful what I say about the arrse members!)
Any chance of Fri 17th / Sat 18th June :?: I'm at a wedding the weekend before & am meant to be flying back on 19th (though currently angling for working for a week in our London office...)
why dont we all just meet up at the Army - Navy game and head into London after match (for those who are still able to walk come the kick out time in the bars that is).
Moodybitch said:

Why not April or something? - June is bloody ages away. Its not a big deal, just a pi ss up so shouldn't take much organising 8O

Or does it?
I'm only saying June as that's when I'm next in the UK... You could probably fit a crawl in during March, then be recovered & ready to go again in June! 8)
Will not ever go to Blackpool.....too many memories from the last time up there....but willing to go to London this time, exercises and deployments dependent of course :roll:

Lets just go on the pissh and have a kebab at the end........ :twisted:

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