Night of the long knives

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. With all this negative talk towards the labour party and the imminent collapse of New Labour it has me wondering who really is the biggest thorn in Labours backside.

    Who would the government like to not have to deal with anymore? Who are the biggest trouble causers and who are we relying upon to get rid of this shower?

    For those who don't know what I'm on about.

    For starters I think this chap would be buggered:

  2. [​IMG]

    These guys can't be too high on the Labour Winter Festival card list. They are taking an awful lot of their votes, after all.

  3. Shame for the labour party that he's got 100000 tooled up blokes watching his back then and they have no-one.
  4. I think labour love the BNP, whenever they lose the vote to them they can just scream racist instead of fixing the cause of them losing the vote in the first place.
  5. :D Nice idea in theory, but does he really?

    Not forgetting that he (like us) has to answer to Comrade Gordonski.
  6. Since when have Labour ever fixed a problem properly? They're losing councils to the BNP, thanks to the erosion of support there's a not insignificant possibility of them not even being the Opposition this time next year. The BNP is drawing attention to the costly failure of the multicultural experiment, something Labour does not want airing too much, and something the mainstream parties will not do for fear of puerile cries of "racist" from the likes of Harriet Harpy.

  7. Well lets just say if Brown decided to go head to head with Sir Richard Dannatt I know who's side I'd be on. Where as Brown can count on the support of Ashie, Sven and Mandlebum.
  8. So off they go too. So far it seems to be a left vs right thing. Are there any candidates in the Labour Left who need to be offed?
  9. 'Closet' you are wrong 'he', Sir Richard Dannatt, answers to Her Majesty The Queen.

    'Clown' Brown is a 'here today, gone tomorrow (hopefully) twat - oops, sorry politician'.

    The 'Clown' is a person, I hesitate to say man,who has had to hear a Secretary of State announce that the government has 'failed' the Armed Forces - resignation time? No, of course not.

    Her Majesty, thanks to God and by the Grace of God, is the supreme commander of all our Armed Forces.

    Any posters who dispute this fact - I challenge you to post your disputation.

    Be known as a traitor to this Kingdom.

    Be known as a 'republican'; a person who would prefer the likes of Bliar, Kinnock, 'Clown' Brown' or George W. Bush; Mugabe maybe, or Saddam Hussein, as your 'head of state'.

    and be known to us all.
  10. [​IMG]