Night of the Generals

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Private_Pike, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. I was watching this film, starring Omar Sharif, Donald Pleasance and Peter O' Toole and countless other english actors pretending to be boxheads, the other night and fell into a beer induced coma before the end. Which of the three Generals was the murderer? My money was on Donald Pleasance as Peter O' Toole was too obvious. Answers on a postcard please.
  2. General Tanz ( Peter O'Toole ) the SS panzer commander, he was carrying on with the prossie killing after the war, and ended up committing suicide at a SS reunion......
  3. Thanks, chosen man. No more shovel jokes from me.
  4. What a great film! Wife was out with her girly mates - or possibly visiting a mulatto stevedore for jollies - and I had full control of my visual pleasure!
  5. The author was a bloke called Hans Helmut Kirst; most of his books are worth a read, if you can find them...
  6. I knew that! Perhaps most importantly on this site, he was the author of the Gunner Asch series of novels. Arrsers everywhere should salute this German Gunner (sometime Bombardier) Milligan! most of you appear to be modelling yourself on him FFS...
  7. Quick story about Night of the Generals. When filming in Warsaw they spent a long time getting the details of the Kommandantur correct.

    Just as they were about to start filming a grizzled Polish gentleman appeared and informed them the sentires were wrongly placed. Initial reaction from film crew:

    " And how would you know you old git?"

    " In August 1944 I led my platoon in there, killed 22 Niemcy (Germans) and occupied the building!!!"

    Is true too ... was Mrs IG's dad!!!
  8. Read some, I agree.
  9. How is it that Peter O'Toole and John Gregson start out as Wehrmacht officers and half way through the film are rebadged as Waffen SS :?
  10. Walts?