Night Excercise ideas needed

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by casper145, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. Gudday you lot. Anywho, I come here requesting help. I've been put in charge of planning a night ex for cadets in my area, and, well I need some ideas of things to do. We have one hour to fill in, in grassy/tussocky/hilly/open terrain. Any suggestions greatly apprectiated. Thanks
  2. Only an hour? that's hardly adequate for an exercise.. Try some kind of ambush. Junior cadets get pumped about ambushing seniors.
  3. Yep, sound and light demos are always good. Maybe you can get access to some night sight gear too, to show them just how visiable you can be at night?
  4. Get them to set up or you set up an OP and have activities going on in front of the Posn and get them to Observe for a period of time and get their results of what they recorded and saw.

    A - H
    What was happening
    Numbers present
    SCRIM of veh
    Desc of Loc

    If you could get Night Viewing Aids even better
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  5. Some good ideas more along the lines of a kinda "lesson teachy thing"? And yeah, our unit is pretty cheap and we dont have much in the way of fancy technology stuff. The observation thing sounds good, but I think that after a while the "more restless" of the lot will get a bit bored...and thats when all hell breaks loose lol
  6. Go when it is dark
  7. A lesson teachy thing is the best idea, they'll learn from it and appreciate it and prob go away on a high as they've learnt something new instead of just going through some exercise and not knowing whats going on.

    Good luck anyway and tell us how it went ok.

    BT. :D
  8. You could do some form of Night Navigation or Orienteering. That'd teach good map skills, and be good competitive fun?
  9. Just ask your local Military Establishment QM dept for help, we all dont mind helping out Cadets, may even arrange a demo for you !
  10. if you have senior caedts bashad up, get your lot to do a ctr and retrieve any kit found lyeing about, always makes them happy
  11. Haha, he's right, stealing kit makes everybody happy except the seniors. Don't tell the seniors however, and see the look on their faces when they get a bollocking for not having it xD
  12. A 'Lamp Snatch' exercise is simple and teaches/tests basic skills. Place a lamp/light, which will be clearly visable, in a central location. Have some observers/patrollers in the area of the lamp/light (although not sat on top of it). Aim is for exercising troops to use night methods of movement, concealment, etc to get through the screen of observers/patrollers and arrive at the lamp unobserved.
  13. Poker Patrol was always a favourite to teach night nav with our lot, although with more than just a few teams it can take a while.

    Basically, each team is issued with a hand of playing cards and a set of RVs. They move round each RV in turn and can swap cards with those they find at the RV as per a game of poker.

    The team with the best hand at the end wins a small prize (although I guess yellow handbags are out in this case?)
  14. Yes but they wont see the fist coming towards them either :twisted: !!!

    Have fun :wink: