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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SaturN, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys, I've been reading around this site for what seems like years now (maybe only 2years really though :twisted: ) and have found loads of great information, from other peoples questions, Now I am hoping to get some help for some of my own.
    I've been looking to join the Army for a very long time now, but each time something has set me back, the main issue is, for the last year my local recruitment centre has been closed, so I've not had the chance just to `pop in for a chat`, And the nearest one from here is around 30 miles away! Which is not to far, but when initially I would only be going in for advice and guidance its a fair way to travel (don't drive). :x
    What I really am looking for is ideas of jobs; I know that this is up to me in the end but a lot of you guys have "been there, done that" so first hand information is always better;
    Basically I'm confused about what I actually want to do, which is terrible as I am now 21!! :oops: I know I should have some clear ideas on what I want to do but I honestly don't, and there is so much on offer in the Army!
    I've managed to get a clearer idea of what I want to do, and have these short listed;
    1) Infantry (Specialise to Sniper / Recce)
    2) Tanks (Driver)
    Now what I want to know is this..
    Can you specialise as sniper/recce soldier after you finish basic training?
    Or do you have to wait a while to move up to it? What other "jobs" offer the chance to be a sniper? And what regiments are there? Or is that a "too many to answer" kind of question? :roll: Can you be a sniper in the Paras?
    I am from Cumbria, and I think my local is Dukes of Lancaster?? :? :?
    And, as a tank driver what will my roles include? As it does not seem likely that I will be driving around all day every day of my carreer!!

    :arrow: Also; Sorry for the incredibly long post!! And in advance thank you for any one that takes the time to read it and even more thanks to those that can answer! 8)
    I try to speak to the recruiter at the nearest place from me (Barrow) on the phone but I know that he is struggling as he is basically getting the workload from 2-3 ACIO's!! So the less time I take of his with little niggly questions like his, the better for everyone surely? :)
    Thanks guys and gals :p
  2. There is too much information you need really and the best thing is to arrange a No obligation Reception interview with a Recruiter who will chat about eligability, pro's and cons and the battle board of jobs. Phone the recruiter and find out if he has any clinics at a nearby job centre, connexions etc ( I even held them at youth centres or schools if no other buildings available).

    The other thing you can do is go onto the On line office and get advice on .

    Just remember its free advice, with no obligation to join.

    The Duke of Boots are in the UK now and were a Warrior Unit a few years back but I believe have gone light role now, do a search and look at their web page for up to date info.
  3. I think the Duke of boots were formerly The Duke of Wellingtons. Now I think? part of the Yorkshire Regiment. Duke of Lancs are a different kettle of fish. Avoid the second battalion unless you like Scousers and boxing. :)
  4. Bloody hell your right Duffdike, my confusion as the QLR took over from DWR in Osnabruck a few years ago and was concentrating on the Recruiting side more than the Unit.

    THE_IRON slaps his backside with a wet lettuce borrowed from Flashy for not reading it right.
  5. Iv always thought that once you pass your CIC you have to spend a few years in a riffle platoon in your (un)chosen battalion and then specialise.
  6. 30 miles away. tell it to the potential recruits in Nepal.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I travelled for 3 hours to get to Redruth ACIO aged 15 in 1979.
  8. Normally, but sometimes you get lucky. I was lucky enough to join my Bn, pass my JNCO cadre, and join Recce Pl within 9 months.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Damn quick I was 3 years before a sp coy cadre came up but there were a lot with less time in than me at that point!
  10. Yeah but couldnt hold the tape until after my two year point. It was the best time to do it. I was fit, knew all the stuff from the depot still, and was keen as mustard. Took a LOT of stick from the senior privates during the course and was jacked on a lot, but i still passed it.

    Biggest shock came when I passed it and on my return to the block the Pl Sgt announces that I am to get my own single man room. That didnt go down too well. There were a few attempted shoeings over the next few nights but I'm a big lad and earned my respect :wink:
  11. I did say 30 miles ain't far! And if that is what it takes to get the answers to my questions then I would walk the journey if need be!! But I was hoping that I could get some sound valuable answers here first :roll:
    Scousers and boxing eh? Sounds like they go hand in hand :blush:
    I will have to go to the ACIO and discuss it more with them then to get more answers.
    Cheers for the input 8)
  12. Tell it to the marines at week 31 (not army related), Then ask one of the kings squad if it was worth it.