Nigerian walt

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cometcatcher, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. Another Nigerian scam email, from 'Basra'.

    Please pardon me, as I am aware that this is not a conventional way of
    relaying an important massage such as this. I did try without success
    locate either your contact address or fax number and as such, I
    in contacting you via email

    My name is Mr Ronald Al-Baker a British Soldier, I am presently
    to a security company in Iraq, and i am assigned with the 1st Armored
    Division (Basra)in here in Iraq,as you know we are being attacked by
    insurgents on daily basis coupled with IED (Improvised explosive
    device)explosives we encounter almost every day.This has been
    for the loss of US and British Soldiers more that combat

    After the fall of Saddam Husein, We discovered various amount of funds
    running into Millions of Dollars which we returned to the new Iraqi
    Government.However, when the situation became critical and We began to
    loose soldiers on daily basis,I decided to keep some funds we
    just to help our family in case we dint make it out of Iraq alive. The
    total amount in my custody is US$7.5 Million dollars in cash, all in
    dollar bills.

    I now want to move this money to you, so that you may invest it for us
    keep our share .I will have 80%.while You will have to keep 20%.All you
    have to do is just help us receive this funds when we have them moved
    of Iraq.

    As you know,Iraq is a war zone,and movement of such an amount can be
    difficult,but just to make things clear to you, We plan using our
    diplomatic immunity to move these funds concealed in two silver boxes
    Canada,Australia or any other safe location where we have freight

    If you find it in your heart to help, I will send you the full
    my job is to find a good partner that i can trust and that will assist
    in investing the funds till we come out of this war.

    Can I trust you When you receive this Funds?, kindly send me know in
    e-mail,signifying your interest including your telephone/fax numbers
    ,your office or residential address,for quick communication .

    NOTE:This Transaction is risk free,and the boxes can be shipped out
    48hrs after we have both agreed to carry out this venture.

    Respectfully yours,

    Ronald Al-Baker

  2. and a chav?
  3. Sounds good unless Op PLUNDER gets lucky!

    You would have thought he might have researched a little and maybe came up with a less obvious name for a Tw'at than Roland Al-Baker, maybe like Maurice Mennie.
  4. Don't worry, I am baiting this low-life!
  5. Don't be silly... Even the Nigerians know that Maurice is a Walt! :viking:
  6. A Nigerian Walt? You mean someone who would actually pretend to be a Nigerian?

    I think someone needs to wrestle that crack-pipe from your hands and sit you down in the fresh air...
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Ask the tosser how big his silver boxes are for the $7.5m in hundreds, then maybe enquire how a squaddie gets access to diplomatic pouches?

    "Dear Mr. MacBaker..."
  8. About 750 litres capacity, so two at 1m x 75cm x 50cm would cover it. Pity the poor sod carrying the pouch :D

    Then again, could organise an Arrse Basra crawl. No doubt a couple of the camp-followers could smuggle them without problem :wink:
  9. I think this may be a scam.
    You should only trust the e mails from Nigerian barristers.
  10. I think i saw the film wasn't George Clooney in it?