Nigerian scams, a fool and her money.....Mind boggling!

Greed, it seperates fools from their money...deserved.
It's unbelievable people still fall for the 419 scam. There's been so much publicity about it. One must be either very ignorant or very greedy to send money overseas without doing some fact checking.
What a stupid Kunt! $26 million!!! Mind you the £1.5 million should be paid into my account any time now..................
If i were to add up the promised amounts that i have acumilated in my email inbox from uncles that have died in plane crashes, been asassinated or simply from young attractive african girls who want asylum in exchange for millions of their non existent money i'd be richer than Bill Gates. How anyone can fall for this scam i cant understand.


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That's what you get for living in Rednecksville, USA. Simple facts of life in the outside world completely pass you by.
I really need some help with this one guys, I can't really come up with any stocks and shares that I could put these people onto, I'm just going to stick my 6 mill in the deposit account.
Really love the bit about profitable shares etc, don't these wankers know there is a recession?
BTW, what is inter-state rolfpmsl

From: Reuben (
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 5:41:45 PM

Greetings Sir/Madam,

Please do not think this is one of those scam or junk mails you received in your e-mail box/fax machine and which I myself receive also, but I plead for your tolerance. In our search for a trustworthy individual to work with us on a very important and confidential project, we came across your esteemed profile.

My name is Reuben Malima, a principal executive officer in the audit department of the Old Mutual bank of South Africa here in South Africa. During the yearly preliminary in-house auditing of accounts, I discovered an account opened in 1999 and since 2004 has remained dormant which means that nobody has been operating it up till date. The total amount in this account is $18.6m less accrued interest.

Working together with the audit manager, we decided to investigate this account for more information. We discovered that the owner of this account, a foreigner has died inter-state leaving no heirs or next of kin who could make a claim. Presently, we are the only two people in our organization with access to this information and we have decided to keep it that way and claim the money for ourselves using a third party who will take the place of the deceased next of kin. We will supply the necessary information on the deceased and ensure that the claim application is giving immediate approval. Documents like the death certificate will be arranged and forwarded to you for onward submission to the bank.

The project is risk-free as we will use contacts that hold strategic positions in the bank to effect a successful completion of the project and also ensure that all traces of our mutual involvement are completely wiped off. These presents no problem as all documented evidence will be directly under their supervision.

We have earmarked a commission of 30% of the total amount for you. A further 5% will be set aside to cover expenses on both sides, which will include expenses incurred in processing this claim. The remaining 65% you will help us invest in profitable stocks and shares in your country. We would like to get your decision to this proposal as soon as possible. On receipt of your decision, we will email you explicit details of the already completed groundwork on this project.

You can contact me at all times on this email account.

Best Regards,

Ruben Malima

Direct Tel: 0027-73-8828442

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