Nigerian recruitment spam!

A rather weird spam, and an interesting variation on the 4-1-9 theme:

Take a job in United States Army!

Greetings from United States Army Recruiter Jobs Program,

Welcome to the United States Army Recruiter Jobs Program, the first and largest loyalty jobs program in the world!
We are proud to inform you that today United States Army offer you a job, for more information:


There is no limit to the opportunities in the Army so there’s no limit to what you can learn and achieve. The Army strengthens you, and your future, with expert training in one of over 150 different jobs for Soldiers on Active Duty and over 120 in the Army Reserve.
From working with computers to assisting physicians to fixing helicopters, there’s an Army job right for you — providing the experience that will give you an edge over those in the civilian world. The Army also offers you money for college and the chance to interview with America’s top corporations.

Look through the categories below to see the variety of jobs available to you in the U.S. Army:
* Administrative Support (11)
* Arts & Media (7)
* Combat (24)
* Computers & Technology (24)
* Construction & Engineering (21)
* Intelligence & Combat Support (35)
* Legal & Law Enforcement (7)
* Mechanics (28)
* Medical & Emergency (24)
* Transportation & Aviation (35)

If you need help choosing a career within the Army, this is the place to find answers. Goarmy offers many tools to help you with your career choice. You can answer simple questions with "Match your Interest", weigh your options with "Option Seeker" or choose to use the "Army Career Explorer," which allows you to see what jobs you qualify for.

Many employers across the country support the Army and its Soldiers. These companies make extra efforts to support their Army employees and go above and beyond the requirements of the law for Soldiers.

Training Cost: $1,500.00 ( If you decide to cancel, the $ 1,500.00 you will get back )

About United States Army:

Thank you very much for your help and your patient and hope you will enjoy the United States Army in the future.

Thank you,
United States Army Recruiter Jobs

DeskPilot said:
Arts & Media (7) ????

No. 5 Painting coal white.
It's photoshopped these days mate
cometcatcher said:
A rather weird spam, and an interesting variation on the 4-1-9 theme:
Is this a variation of the recent 4-4-2 scam?

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