Nigerian Air Force

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HarryPalmer, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. You must need nerves of steel to be a pilot with this lot.

    They carried out a major expansion programme in the eighties but didn't bother with such details as maintenance and training ground staff.

    Umm, very tragic i know, but wasn't that C-130 that crashed on 26th September 1992 just a bit overcrowded?
  2. Crikey, having been one of 87 on a Herc it was bad enough but 160! Must have been standing room only 8O
  3. [​IMG]


    Top Gun?
  4. And as sure as Murphy is Murphy, it going to be the one with 160 on board that's going to crash. :(
  5. No manifest and there were some " extra" civilians. Estimated that the number actually on board was 170+ but the rescue took ages and crash investigation lacked a certain rigour. In fact total balls up by this account:
  6. Checked the website,couldn't find any reference to a 'get rich quick scheme'

    Can only assume that this website is fraudulent ;)
  7. Either way it's a hell of a lot of people to get on one Herc, do they employ 'crammers' rather than movers? Was the baggage on a roof rack?

    I'm not surprised it crashed, it must be nigh on impossible to trim a herc with that many people on board.
  8. The only hercs to be seen at the Lagos airport are those little short jobs. They look like they should have trainer wheels on either side. Are they for beginner pilots, or something? Maybe there's the answer.
  9. When worked in Nigeria some years ago in a place called Escravos, if there was nothing on telly or Compound Cinema, i used to cycle over and watch the Nigerian Navy doing drill practice. Never had a better laugh in the 10 years since!
  10. This thread piqued my interest when I saw it a month or so ago and so I did a bit of asking around.

    A Nigerian Air Force officer, who said that he was a part of the initial rescue mission, told me that there were indeed more than the 160 official passengers on the manifest actually on the aircraft - and a fair bit of baggage!

    Other passengers included children of service personnel whose parents had managed to cadge them a free flight back to Jaji (in the north).

    He said that the rescue was very difficult because the aircraft crashed in a very marshy area and there were no real roads to the site. He tells me he was very shaken by the whole experience especially finding 'bits and pieces' of his course-mates from officer training.

    Kind of reminds me of an incident in DR Congo in 2003 when the doors to an overcrowded air force plane opened in mid-flight and a bunch of passengers were sucked out and sprinkled over the jungle. I'm too idle to look for the link.