Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by trickywoo56, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. I've just seen the horrific footage of yet more starving African babies in Niger. I may be being simplistic here, but how difficult would it be to fill a few Fat Alberts with food parcels, fly them low and slow over the countryside and drop them near the villages? We could save hundreds of lives while the UN gets it's act together.

    Just my 2ps worth.

  2. Thank you for bringing this up Tricky.

    A timely reminder, no matter how bad we think our lot is , someone somewhere, is far far worse off.
  3. Look you lot there is NO poverty or famine in Africa, that Mick git has sorted it out twice now.
  4. Charity has replaced colonialism. In the old days of colonialism man exploited man. Now its the other way round.
  5. That's why there is no phrase in Nigerian for "Does my arrse look big in this?" :lol:
  6. drop them moving vans so they can move to where the food is.
  7. Marvellous roads and infastructure out there as well I imagine.
  8. JDAMS on all the African presidential palaces would do more for alleviating poverty and suffering in Africa than any amount of soon-to-be-embezzled aid....
  9. Excellent plan Sir, could I suggest that Romford, Wales and France are added to the list.
  10. I no longer feel obliged to contribute to "Africa Charities" as the money will only be syphonned off by corrupt governments. Directly targeted aid is best done at Governmental (ours) level, and I contribute enough to that organisation as it is
  11. My dad used to work for a UN aid agency & many's the time he went ballistic 'cos he had a warehouse or ship full of flour/rice/tents for starving people & some aT**T in either another UN agency or the target country or the occupying forces was refusing to let it be moved for the usual paper-pushing narrow-minded excuses that these **** orifices use. "Who cares if these ones die there'll be still more coming in a week or two..."
    4(T)'s suggestion would really go a long way to helping though...
  12. I wonder if Africa would give a shyte if we were starving? Probably not. Which is why I don't give a shyte about Africa. They don't need feeding, they need bloody sterilising.

    Disillusioned of Wandsworth