Nigella Lawson

Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by zither, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. No more Nigella Lawson jokes, they are wrong and everyone should get a grip.
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  2. I've thought of choking her a few times but not with my hands ;-)
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  3. Snigger!
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  4. And .... breath
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  5. So, Mr. Saatchi, what's your advice for handling women?

    "You should always go at them full throttle".
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  6. What did Saatchi buy Nigella for her birthday?

    A diamond choker of course.
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  7. Is she subscrided to the DIGITal BBC service,

    She cant remember her Husbands name " I know his face, however his name, just beats me"
  8. The face rings a bell?

  9. Nigella: Darling, do you think I have a goiter?
    Cunt: Let me have a feel. Bear with me my sweet.
    Nigella: Stop, you're hurting me!
    Cunt: Its all right my love, if I squeeze tightly it will expunge itself out of your ear.
    Nigella: that's OK then, but excuse me if my eyes tear up.
  10. It seems Nigella is feeling a little strangled in this relationship.
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  11. I always thought Nigella Lawson was perfect, she has the looks, the rack and can cook !!

    Imagine how devastated I was to realise she had a listening problem !!
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