Nigella gets bare.

you tease too much! I hoped this would be pic of the kitchen goddes at leased partly unclothed, pity! But the image it conjoured in my head will be with me all day along with the swelling in my groin


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From the article in question:

A spokesman for Respect for Animals said: "If she could see the way in which bears and other wild animals are killed in the wild she wouldn't have been so flippant and glib. In my view, Nigella has blood on her hands."

Quite clearly the spokesman is a tosser of the highest order.

Any criticism of the delicious Nigella 'Kitchen Goddess MILF' Lawson is unwarranted and critics deserve death by force feeding.
Hmmm, yes, definitely tricked into an optimistic thought there. Trouble is every time her "cookery" programme comes on over here I can't help getting an image of that Saatchi reptile she is married to drinking from her furry cup and it makes me want to vomit. Worse is, was't her dad Nigel, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lawson? There seems to be a problem in the UK vis. rather clutchable tubbies, like Lisa Tarbuck ( insinuate anything wrong about her and I will track you to the ends of the Earth, be sure!) and the lady in question, and tw@toid fathers.
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