Nigella - Caption Competition!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cuckingfunt, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Inspired by THIS THREAD, I wondered if anyone had any contributions on the following:


    Nigella: I'm sorry, I dont like that much salt in my diet!
  2. Nigella: George!, my word,they let any cnut in nowadays
  3. Nigella: Is that a ladel in your pocket?...
  4. Nigella,

    You ever done ' Pork Sword' encrusted with lady fingers..?
  5. Nigella couldn't wait for the monkey to let her go, so that she could get airtight with the chefs
  6. GB: Arent you that gopping over rated trollop with a complete woodclanger for an old man?

    NL: "suggestive spoon lick"

    GB: Bore off you minging c unt.

    NL: Well it got the desperados on arrse hot *sulks*

    GB: Well lets face it they're a gang of p1ss flaps who fall for the slightest provocation... hardly raising the dead is it you old nail... please kill yourself
  7. Shortfuse, I take it your a fan then?
  8. (Bush)

    Trust me - I learned from Clinton's mistakes.
  9. Nigella: "So 30 minutes in a moderate oven and your complete cnut should be ready, meanwhile, here's one I prepared earlier".
  10. GB: So what you cooking for me tonight hun?

    Nigella THINKS: You choked on a fcuking pretzel you retard, so should be ice cream or something.....then remebers the British Troops who love her and keep her TV ratings up......

    NIGELLA SAYS:Salmon to start and then, Chicken on the bone George with medley of grapes and fruits of the seasons served with nuts for pud.
  11. Bush - "Nigella, I feel a surge coming on"
  12. GB "whats in the pies chef"
  13. Isnt one of us the child of a money grabbing, power crazed ex politician? Oh i forgot we both are...
  14. Little did Mr Bush know that Nigella had been replaced by a fembot...
  15. Nigella: " President of the USA? Yeah, yeah. One fucking sausage dickhead"