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Nigella - Caption Competition!

GB: Arent you that gopping over rated trollop with a complete woodclanger for an old man?

NL: "suggestive spoon lick"

GB: Bore off you minging c unt.

NL: Well it got the desperados on arrse hot *sulks*

GB: Well lets face it they're a gang of p1ss flaps who fall for the slightest provocation... hardly raising the dead is it you old nail... please kill yourself
GB: So what you cooking for me tonight hun?

Nigella THINKS: You choked on a fcuking pretzel you retard, so should be ice cream or something.....then remebers the British Troops who love her and keep her TV ratings up......

NIGELLA SAYS:Salmon to start and then, Chicken on the bone George with medley of grapes and fruits of the seasons served with nuts for pud.
"I have visited your capital Lagos, Madame President!"

"Sir, this is Nigella, not Nigeria!"

"Well she has a black woman's arrse...how was I to know..."

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