Nigella Alert....

For those of us in the UK, Nigella is now on BBC2: double cream, nuts, butter, goose fat and a heaving bosom....

What is there not to like?

Impose Radio Silence... :D



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Christmas tart - on now :lol:

Excuse me while I slobber over her wonderful chest.
Chocolate, marshmallow, prodigious pavlova (with 8 egg whites whisked to hold its stiff shape... that will form gleaming, alpine peaks...) and garlic oil!

This is just too much for my heart...

camera instructions:
"face shot - Nigella"
"pan down... - further - oookey - hold it..."
"and swing to right to cover blender..."
"enough of that - up to face again - aaah"

Quality TV 8)


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She really is a MILF. And the food is good as well !
As long as the camera doesn't pan down past her waist. All getting a bit chunky down there.


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PlasticCabDriver said:
As long as the camera doesn't pan down past her waist. All getting a bit chunky down there.
puff. that just cushions the ride. :p
Always been a fan of Nigella....not afraid to use rich, fattening ingredients but produced in sensible small portions. Unlike her of course....most blokes I know can't recall what the hell she was cooking as their eye attention was certainly not on the food. Hahaha. Was given "Nigella Express" cookbook for Christmas one year by a bloke, rather surprised until I noticed the Nigella inscription inside. He must of thought he was in pig clover having the oppor of drooling over her and bagging me a pressie at the same time. The recipes are surprisingly easy to throw together and contain a selection of those naughty desserts she is famous for. :)

I remember the 'goose fat' which I used one Christmas, had the best roast potatoes and....high cholesterol afterwards! 8O


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After Saturday Morning Kitchen, on last Saturday surprisingly, Nigella done a party food show and the piece de resistance was her bimbling into the kitchen wearing a clingy silky robe :D Can't remember what she was cooking but it had some beans and chorizo in it.
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