Nigella 6 weeks from being single.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. Well Nigella will be back on the market in 6 weeks, now how do I go about wooing her?
  2. Going on her form you'll need about a gazillion quid.

    Or a cricket bat.
  3. Cake. And money.
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  4. Do you think the ability to lick my eyebrows might help??
  5. Can do the cake, might be a bit short on the money stakes, but I don't mind being a kept man.
  6. Well I can give furniture orgasms just by sitting on it-
  7. Try pissing in her cunt. She loves it.
  8. She's a fat cunt with throttling issues.
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  9. I'd diet Dom her, and get her so skinny and weak she couldn't open the fridge for her fat-laden midnight snacks.

    I would also make her shave her head daily, before making her wear a wig made from her own hair.
  10. I think she's turned to the other side.... Thats all i can think! she's not answering my texts at all...bugger.....
  11. Done her and it was great. Shot my muck and it nearly landed on the tv screen.

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  12. I "came" across her on My Free Cams..or so I thought. For a few weeks I had been chatting to Nigella, but the image was not too great..but she showed me her bum crack and so on. It was not until I discovered that you can go full screen that I realised I had been beating off to her father, Nigel!