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Some of you might know Nigel Rogoff, an Ex-RAF PJI and RAF Falcon - This morning (Tuesday the 13th May) Nigel embarked on a personal challenge to kayak around the entire coastline of the UK - a not inconsiderable journey of some 2794 miles (4500km in new money) - it's all the more remarkable because...

On 13th December 1998, Nigel, dressed as Santa Claus, was carrying out a skydiving demonstration at the home of Aston Villa FC. During the halftime interval, and in front of 30,000 supporters, the display went dramatically – and horrifically - wrong when he hit the stadium roof then dropped 80ft from the roof to the pitch. Nigel was seriously injured and given only a 50/50 chance of survival. But thanks to expert medical treatment by specialists in Birmingham City Hospital as well as 170 units of blood he pulled through, although he subsequently had to have his left leg amputated.

Nigel has embarked on his Round-UK challenge in order to raise awareness of amputees and, just as importantly, funds for BLESMA (British Ex-Service Men's Association).

Nigel left Greenwich Yacht Club this morning and plans to complete the journey in one go (apart from the obvious necessities of sleeping, eating and ablutions!). It should take around 3 months.

There is more information at:

On the website, you can track his progress, send a message, or if you are so inclined, and as Nigel is hoping to raise £50,000 for BLESMA, there is a link where you can donate a penny or two.


Sounds feckin barmy, PJI says it all really, good luck mucker!
thanks for the interest guys - and for the donations. I've posted a link which shows an Interview Nigel did for ITN describing his accident, the aftermath and the reasons for embarking on his challenge. If anyone doesn't know about the incident when Nigel was injured, - there's some information (and some shocking pictures to be honest) in this interview. It's enough to put you off skydiving for ever. Not that I ever wanted to throw myself out of a perfectly seviceable aircraft anyway!

You Tube - Nigel Rogoff
Just an update for you - Nige had an unfortunate incident in Force 6 winds a couple of days ago and dislocated his shoulder!

The specialists say he needs to rest for some time but he's determined to defy medical advice and be back on the water in a couple of days and complete his challenge. As he says - "One leg, one arm, it just don’t matter, just get out there and give it LARGE"

More info (and a link for any donations to BLESMA) at:

Our Journey
Nige is back on the water again and pressing on with the challenge. If anyone fancies a paddle for a an hour or two to keep him company, he is around Dover at the moment and heading along the south coast over the coming days.

The team's telephone numbers are on the website if you are in the area and wanted to say hello.


Good luck, the weather isnt pretty!
Whilst mainly spinning out of control during a transition from MFF to BPA cat 8 Nige was a very patient, diligent and humorous Instructor.

Comments like "Jesus I thought a prop had just flown off the plane when you performed that SOH exit Harold".

Ive been following the progress of his and Richards Journey that has had its ups and upside downs via the website OUR JOURNEY The trip is being funded by sponsorship and from Nigel's own pocket with all monies raised going to BLESMA.

Today at short notice I took some quality time out and met up with them and there tour bus at dry dock in Deganwy Harbour, Conwy, North Wales.

You can make donations on line for BLESMA or if you have the time and logistics meet them at a port near you shortly.

Go on you know you want to meet this legend.....

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