Nigel Farrage arrested!

Nigel Farrage has now been arrested after his attempt to crash his plane into the EU headquarters falls about 1000 miles short...

Best one I've seen so far :lol:


Book Reviewer
Almost giggled. But on reflection.

"Could do better. See me."


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Giggle = something short of a snigger that indicates enjoyment.

As for "farted" - no I'm a socially responsible human being who only farts (a) on my small amount of land; or (b) in a cubicle/trap.

And as for "poofter", I'm very happily married (as my wife keeps on telling me) with two children and a very healthy interest in pictorial depictions of people of gender engaged in adult activities not suitable for viewing by minors.

So there, ner ner nerny ner ner.....
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