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Nigel Farage's Outstanding Rant - He's bang on.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by billybongo, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. He makes some rather excellent points.
  2. Good points, well presented.
  3. It's simple - they spent a shit load of other people's money and until they pay it back they're going to do as they're told or face the consequences.
  4. Can't see the relevance to either global political significance or the Army to be honest.

  5. Something to do with democracy probably.
  6. I've frankly not had a lot of time for him in the past, however there were a number of very valid points made there. I was especially struck by the fact that so many of those "leaders" are unelected and yet are insisting that elected politician (good or bad) be removed from office.
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  7. A speech by a self-aggrandising windbag does not a valiant defence of democracy make.
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  8. Lets leave Nick Clegg out of this.
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  9. Conservative party slogan 2012.
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  10. In your opinion.
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  11. Only one that matters (in my head)
  12. You're absolutely correct - but he makes some valid points (windbag or not) and I don't see many of our illustrious windbags in parliament making the same point so eloquently. He may or may not be correct but it's a very good point that he raises and worthy of debate - democracy over technocracy or vice-versa.

    Give me elected representatives advised by technocrats, rather than elected technocrats every time. A short term solution that disregards democracy is not, in my humble opinion, the correct path to take.
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  13. The bloke has serious points that need to be raised. The EU is going down the pan and the euro experiment has failed. The deutchmark will be a re established currency in the next 10 years which controls a German dominated European economy.
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  14. You're Tony Blair and I claim my fiver.