Nigel Farages new LBC Radio show

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Jan 5, 2017.

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  1. From Monday the 9th of January, Nigel Farage starts his new radio show, weekdays at 7pm, judging on his previous performance of hosting LBC shows (on youtube), he has shown that he is a master of the trade.

    Packed into 60 minutes, The Nigel Farage Show will be full of opinions, callers and reaction to the biggest stories of the day, as well as Farage’s nightly Final Thought.

    Nigel Farage... - Nigel Farage - UKIP - Political Parties: What They Stand For - Politics - LBC

    His show will become a major lodestone of current affairs commentary, plus of course his hotline to The Donald.

    Forget nonsense like 'news night' or 'question time', this new programme will be setting the discourse for much mainstream media commentary, as well as triggering lefties and snowflakes a plenty, including many arrse stalwarts.

    Lets see what you all think after 8pm on Monday the 9th.
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  2. I am going to be phoning in anyone else?
  3. I'll give the Berghof a ring.
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  4. I shall be listening, I like the way handles his critics and he he doesn't dodge anyone...

    Would have preferred him to be involved in the BREXIT negotiation though. He has much to offer in that area....

    PMTM would rather cut her nose off to spite her face..
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  5. Ask him to join ARRSE.
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  6. We could let him join for free Oh
  7. Fair play to LBC to give him the show & airtime.

    I've watched many of Nigel's EU debates on YouTube & I do admire his blunt, direct no-nonsense contributions.

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  8. No way, £360m a day at least.
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  9. It would make this forum even better than it can be, sometimes.
    We are just Vox Poppulae, with a military twist .
    He has actually made change happen.
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  10. Baglock

    Baglock On ROPs

    I think that he's a cock. However, much like Jeremy Clarkson, I'll tune in regularly just to see what he is going to say next

    Dare say that I'll enjoy it too
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  11. He has served.
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  12. @Higgs_bosun should be an other presenter it will be like the Morcombe and Wise of Brexit

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  13. Wow! A bit over-qualified for membership of ARRSE some might say.
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  14. Looks like he has known the hell of the barrack dress trouser.

    A brave man.
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  15. Fish and Chips

    Fish and Chips On ROPs

    Anyone know what happened to the liberal luvvie Ian Collins, that aside I might listen to him now, Nick Abbot is the only other one on LBC worth listening to, the rest are just liberal mouth breathers.