Nigel Farage supports BLiar as EU President

Nigel Farage said:
We don't really want an EU president at all and we don't want this EU treaty either but if it has to be, then Tony Blair is the right choice for us...

Just look at Blair's track record in charge of this country...

As British Prime Minister, he surrendered £2billion worth of UK rebate, he signed the constitutional treaty and he refused to give a referendum. Doesn't that all make him perfectly qualified for the top job?

If Mr Blair does become Mr President then nothing better will bring home to the British people the truth about the EU, that it is not, in fact, run by democratically-elected representatives or those who we can elect and remove.

It would also display, once and for all, that Tony Blair's prize for national betrayal is a high one indeed.
Why Blair Fits the EU Bill

I've always had the same idea myself.
Blair's an awful leader and truly belongs at the top of a (now) awful organisation.

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