Nigel Farage for PM

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Guy_Gourdior, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Don't know if anyone else has posted this but I got it by e-mail today. It is the Greek version because apart from the sub-titles this is the only version I could find with the rant in full!!

  2. LOL.............
  3. Absoloutely class. First time i've watched it in full.

    Good on him.
  4. I take CQMS's point. But maybe Mr Farage deserves his own permanent thread for his sage like comments. Am I the only one who thinks he strikes a chord with the ARRSE Massive? Perhaps we can link to his web-site and ask him to launch similar assaults on our behalf? He'd be better at it than Dannet!!
  5. I think you'll find that the Nigel Farage fan club is here.
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself, well not without the use of a side handle baton over the Himmler lookalikes Eurofuhrer head!
  7. Yes - I would be happy for that man to be our 'Minister for Europe', with a brief that entailed our withdrawal as soon as possible.

    There are occasions when plain speaking can justify ill manners - Farage spoke plainly and any ill manners were coincidental but justified.

    Now, I hope he will let Mrs Something or Other, Brown's 'bit on the side', have a broadside too!
  8. Sir, On ARRSE we like our Eurosceptic's to be sane.....well mostly anyway. :p
  9. Yet more proof that just because the internet means you can post raving rudderless pap masquerading as reasoned thought - doesn't mean you should.

    BTW, back on track, I personally think that Farage is an odious little Englander.
  10. I find the term "Eurosceptic" to be insulting actually.. eurorealist would be a far more accurate description of those of us who smell the stench of corruption and see the totalitarian nature of the Europhiles.

    Now Europhile is a term i like, almost makes them sound like sex offenders, which most of them probably are, especially the Belgians!
  11. :p ......

    IVV, you know I've always wanted to rape Portugal..... :D
  12. I thought Iceland was next for the Big Barroso dry bum gang bang?

    Whats the term for it "Coercive Diplomacy" which is actually on the spectrum of what constitutes state terror according to many respected academics.

    Oh btw Peter, Barroso is trying to impose a Euro Tax and economic policy on all EU states using that "Tidying up exercise" as authority.

    I hate to say "I told you so" but I f*cking told you so!!

    Dictatorship by clerk.